How to Get In Touch

Our New York City phone number is (1) 212-995-9620; to reach someone directly, key in their extension (200-number extensions only) when you hear the greeting.

Our normal office hours are 9:30 to 6:00 EST; we're located at 37 E. 7th St., between 2nd and 3rd Avenues in New York's East Village. The nearest subway stops are the at Astor Place, or the at 8th Street and Broadway. We welcome drop-in visitors, but please call first to make sure we can assist you before coming by!

Our Hudson, NY office (editorial, sales, marketing, publicity, and production) is located at 202 Warren Street; our number is 518-671-6100, to reach someone directly, key in their 300-number extension. Our Hudson retail shop, Paper+Goods, is open Friday to Sunday from noon to 5:00pm.

Janet Behning   behning (at) papress (dot) com,  x 304
Production Director
Nolan Boomer   nolan (at) papress (dot) com,  x 310
Editorial Assistant
Nicola Brower   nicola (at) papress (dot) com
Senior Editor & Foreign Rights
Abby Bussel   bussel (at) papress (dot) com,  x 306
Tom Cho   tom (at) papress (dot) com,  x 235
Managing Editor
Benjamin English   ben (at) papress (dot) com,  x 207
Senior Designer
Jenny Florence   florence (at) papress (dot) com,  x 215
Jan Hartman   jan (at) papress (dot) com
Campus Guide Series Editor
Jan Haux   haux (at) papress (dot) com
Senior Designer
Susan Hershberg   susan (at) papress (dot) com,  x 314
Lia Hunt   lia (at) papress (dot) com,  x 305
Director Sales and Marketing
Mia Johnson   Mia (at) papress (dot) com,  x 204
Valerie Kamen   valerie (at) papress (dot) com,  x 210
Digital Prepress Coordinator
Simone Kaplan-Senchak   simone (at) papress (dot) com,  x 212
Associate Editor
Kevin Lippert   lippert (at) papress (dot) com,  x 301
Jennifer Lippert   jennifer (at) papress (dot) com,  x 302
Editorial Director
Kristy Maier   maier (at) papress (dot) com,  x 307
Production Associate
Sara McKay   mckay (at) papress (dot) com,  x 233
Program Director: Paper+Goods
Eliana Miller   eliana (at) papress (dot) com,  x 309
Sales Assistant
Nina Pick   Nina (at) papress (dot) com,  x 315
Production Editor
General Publicity   publicity (at) papress (dot) com,  x 214
Publicity Inquiries
Wes Seeley   wes (at) papress (dot) com,  x 214
Rob Shaeffer   rob (at) papress (dot) com,  x 303
Acquisitions Editor & Program Director: Childrens
Sara Stemen   stemen (at) papress (dot) com,  x 228
Senior Editor
Paul Wagner   paul (at) papress (dot) com,  x 213
Design Director
Joe Weston   joe (at) papress (dot) com,  x 201
Office Manager