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Dear Data Postcard Kit

For two friends to draw and share

Giorgia Lupi, Stefanie Posavec


     5 × 7 in (12.7 × 17.8 cm)
2 Boxes, With Bellyband
20 postcards of 12 postcard art prints
Publication date: 9/12/2017
Rights: WORLD
ISBN: 9781616896324

Our best-selling book Dear Data celebrates the hidden patterns of our daily lives, revealing beauty in even the smallest details. The Dear Data Postcard Kit helps you become your own creative information artist with a series of twenty ready-to-make postcards complete with prompts (How often did you check the time this week? Make a List? Apologize? What music did you listen to? Where did you go?) and an engagingly illustrated instruction booklet that shows how postcards can be both artistic expression and correspondence.

Giorgia Lupi is an award-winning information designer. She co-founded Accurat, a data-driven design firm with offices in Milan and New York where she is the design director. She received her M-Arch at FAF in Ferrara, Italy, and earned a PhD in Design at Politecnico di Milano. She relocated to New York City from London, where she now lives.

Stefanie Posavec is a data designer whose work focuses on non-traditional representations of data derived from language, literature or scientific topics. Often using a hand-crafted approach, her work has been exhibited at, among others, MoMA in New York, CCBB in Rio de Janerio, the Science Gallery in Dublin and the V&A in London. In 2013 she was Facebook's first data-artist-in-residence at their Menlo Park campus.

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