The Nature of Place

A Search for Authenticity

Avi Friedman

     5 × 7 in (12.7 × 17.8 cm)
192 pages
20 b/w illustrations
Publication date: 1/20/2012
Rights: World English, except Canada
ISBN: 9781616890384

After visiting twelve unique spots around the world, architect and writer Avi Friedman asked himself what made being there memorable. Whether strolling, dining, looking, or getting lost, certain locales pulled at his memory long after he bid farewell to the natives. A world away, he reflected on the market he stumbled upon in Dalian, China, one bright morning and the community-building effect markets have in neighborhoods around the world. While walking through a collection of life-sized sculptures in the Canadian arctic, he pondered the importance of folk art in connecting to a place. And in Fargo, on a numbingly frigid day, he wondered how climate should influence the way cities are designed. He took his thoughts and wrote them down. The Nature of Place is about Friedman's intricate and emotional connection to place, and what makes these places "work," and is perfect for the frequent traveler and the frequent dreamer.

Dr. Avi Friedman is the co-founder of the Affordable Homes Program at the McGill School of Architecture, where he is a Professor. The recipient of several research and design awards. Avi Friedman has published extensively in both academic and trade publications. He lives in Montreal, Quebec.

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