Della Valle Bernheimer

Andrew Bernheimer, Jared Della Valle

     7.5 × 10 in (19.1 × 25.4 cm)
192 pages
245 color illustrations
Publication date: 7/27/2009
Rights: World
ISBN: 9781568987811

Architecture, the saying goes, is a verb. It's an ongoing process of creating. For Brooklyn-based architects Jared Della Valle and Andrew Bernheimer it is, more accurately, two verbs: think and make. Two words that, when fused in the work of Della Valle Bernheimer, energize and transform each other--architectural process as a feedback loop. Just a decade into their practice, Della Valle Bernheimer has assembled an impressive body of completed projects. Coveted commissions in New York City include two high-profile condo towers in Chelsea and the renovation of architect Paul Rudolph's landmark modernist apartment at 23 Beekman Place. Think/Make documents twelve of the firm's most innovative projects, ranging from residences to public commissions such as Federal Plaza in San Francisco; affordable housing units in the Bronx, New York; a public swimming center in Aalborg, Denmark; and a proposal for the reuse of New York City's Hudson Yards.

Each project in Think/Make covers both aspects of their creative process, often demonstrating that they think both with their minds and their hands; the process is cerebral as well as physical. Thinking about the larger contexts of site and program, as well as about historical precedents, linguistics, and correlations to natural forms and phenomena, Della Valle Bernheimer creates thoughtful, structurally innovative architecture. For the Artreehouse in New Fairfield, Connecticut--designed in collaboration with structural engineer Guy Nordenson--they observed patterns of light filtered through canopies of native tree species and scoured the history of building techniques in the region to design a 5,400-square-foot, locally inspired house. This unique monograph illustrates how personal, associative, and often highly poetic thoughts are made legible in architecture

Both Della Valle and Bernheimer locate their offices in Brooklyn, NY.

They won the Dwell "Nice Modernist" award in 2007 and in the same year received a special citation for the innovative design for affordable housing from the AIA New York Chapter.

Additionally, they were selected for the prestigious Emerging Voices series in 2007 by the Architecture League of New York and have been recipients of numerous Honor Awards from the AIA.

Winner of the first San Francisco Architecture Prize in a citation from the General Services Administration

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