The Cape Cod Cottage

William Morgan

     8.5 × 8.5 in (21.6 × 21.6 cm)
108 pages
75 b/w illustrations
Publication date: 6/6/2006
Rights: World
ISBN: 9781568985756

The Cape Cod cottage has been one of America's most popular home styles for almost four hundred years. While a perennial domestic favorite, historians have long ignored the modest Cape Cod, relegating it to a vernacular footnote along with barns and mills. In The Cape Cod Cottage architectural historian and photographer William Morgan places this uniquely American house--a remarkable combination of necessity and tradition--in its historical context and makes a compelling argument for the reassessment of its place in the history of American architecture.

The Cape Cod Cottage follows the uniquely American house type from its earliest beginnings in the colonial period, through its spread across New England, to its embrace as a suburban ideal in the twentieth century, and its reinterpretation by contemporary architects. Historical images of lost Capes augment beautiful new photographs taken specifically for the book. As a tribute to a special house, The Cape Cod Cottage is an appeal to preserve the Cape's legacy and an essential document of this unique architectural icon.

William Morgan is an architectural historian and a photographer based in Providence, Rhode Island.

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