Dot Dot Dot 15

Stuart Bailey

     6.5 × 9.25 in (16.5 × 23.5 cm)
104 pages
Publication date: 12/2/2007
Rights: North and South America, South Africa, Asia only
ISBN: 9780979465406

Dot Dot Dot continues to surprise, inform, inspire, and delight readers as it fills in the gaps in design publishing. The acclaimed and wide-ranging journal of visual culture has become an important venue for creative, interdisciplinary journalism on subjects that affect the way we think about and make design, and how we look at the world. Dot Dot Dot 15 invites a multidisciplinary group of contributors to both write and design pieces about the past, present, and future of visual culture. Smart, passionate, and imaginatively designed, Dot Dot Dot is for graphic designers and anyone else interested in the creative practice of the visual arts.

Stuart Bailey co-founded the ongoing journal Dot Dot Dot in 2000. Since 2006 he has worked together with David Reinfurt as Dexter Sinister, also the name of their "just-in-time workshop and occasional bookstore" on New York's Lower East Side.

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