Edifices de Rome Moderne

Paul Letarouilly


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     9 × 12 in (22.9 × 30.5 cm)
368 pages
354 b/w illustrations
Publication date: 9/1/1997
Rights: world
ISBN: 9780910413008

Paul Letarouilly's masterpiece, Edifices de Rome Moderne, has been hailed as the most beautiful book on Renaissance architecture ever published. Letarouilly devoted 35 years to drawing the plans, sections, elevations, perspectives, and large-scale details of gardens, convents, palaces, and churches of Renaissance Rome. His keen observational ability and immaculate drawing skills make this work an indispensable sourcebook. In many cases his etchings remain the only measured plans or elevations available; he also recorded buildings destroyed by later demolitions. Princeton Architectural Press's reprint contains all 354 plates and Letarouilly's Nolli Map of Rome, a 13 x 35 inch insert that took the artist five years to complete.

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