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Grids & Guides Tracebook

Tracing Paper Notebooks for Visual Thinkers

Tracebook brings a whole new dimension to our Grids & Guides family. Each Tracebook set includes two books filled with t ...

Grids & Guides (Red)

A Notebook for Visual Thinkers

Our bestseller is now available in red! Grids & Guides Red promises another 144 pages of varied and unusual graph paper ...


Of the ten million or so different species of insects on our planet, none is more fascinating than the honeybee. One of ...

Botanical Sketchbooks

Recording the world of plant and animal life and documenting the strange beauty of the natural world have been human pas ...

Grids & Guides (Gray)

A Notebook for Visual Thinkers

Like its black and red predecessors, this deluxe, cloth-covered Grids & Guides notebook offers 160 pages of varied graph ...

Goat Man

How I Took a Holiday from Being Human

The dazzling success of The Toaster Project, including TV appearances and an international book tour, leaves Thomas Thwa ...

Bruno Munari: Square Circle Triangle

In the early 1960s, Italian design legend Bruno Munari published his visual case studies on shapes: Circle, Square, and, ...


Wasting Land in Urban America

Do you really know what is under that new house you just bought? How about what lies beneath the neighborhood playground ...

Drawing in Space

Did you know that the universe is expanding even as you read this? That stargazing is really looking back in time millio ...

The Book of Trees

Visualizing Branches of Knowledge

Our critically acclaimed bestseller Visual Complexity was the first in-depth examination of the burgeoning field of info ...

Einstein Notecards

Albert Einstein the esteemed German theoretical physicist whose name is synonymous with genius'was responsible for some ...

Letters to a Young Farmer

On Food, Farming, and Our Future

Letters to a Young Farmer is for everyone who appreciates good food grown with respect for the earth, people, animals, a ...

Designed for the Future

80 Practical Ideas for a Sustainable World

In Designed for the Future, author Jared Green asks eighty of today's most innovative architects, urban planners, landsc ...

The Art and Craft of Geometric Origami

With the increasing popular interest in mindfulness, and seeking quiet in the tumult of modern life, origami, the centur ...

Sustainable Design

A Critical Guide

Written for students and practitioners in the fields of architecture and interior design, our new Architecture Brief Sus ...

Printing Architecture

Innovative Recipes for 3D Printing

Although 3D printing promises a revolution in many industries, primarily industrial manufacturing, nowhere are the possi ...

The Toaster Project

Or A Heroic Attempt to Build a Simple Electric Appliance from Scratch

"Hello, my name is Thomas Thwaites, and I have made a toaster." So begins The Toaster Project, the author's nine-month-l ...

Drawing in the Sea

Do you know that water covers nearly 70 percent of the earth and that nearly 70 percent of the human body is made up of ...

The Green House

New Directions in Sustainable Architecture

From the arid deserts of Tucson, Arizona to the icy forests of Poori, Finland to the tropical beaches of New South Wales ...


Games, Tests, Questionnaires, Histories

Who knew a trip to the therapist could be so much fun, even aesthetically rewarding? Beyond sharing feelings or complain ...

Materials for Design 2

As architecture and design programs throughout the world break out of the classroom and adopt the holistic methods of de ...

Thinking the Contemporary Landscape

On the heels of our groundbreaking books in landscape architecture, James Corner's Recovering Landscape and Charles Wald ...


Architecture's Other Environments

We are conditioned over time to regard environmental forces such as dust, mud, gas, smoke, debris, weeds, and insects as ...

The Book of Circles

Visualizing Spheres of Knowledge

In this follow-up to his hugely popular The Book of Trees and Visual Complexity, Manuel Lima takes us on a lively tour t ...

Visual Complexity

Mapping Patterns of Information

Manuel Lima's smash hit Visual Complexity is now available in paperback. This groundbreaking 2011 book, the first to com ...

Transmaterial Next

A Catalog of Materials that Will Redefine Our Future

Virtually every revolution in architecture has been preceded by a revolution in materials: think iron, glass, steel, con ...

Dear Data

A Friendship in 52 Weeks of Postcards

Equal parts mail art, data visualization, and affectionate correspondence, Dear Data celebrates "the infinitesimal, inco ...


Architecture's New Relationship with Nature

Despite the ever-growing sophistication of synthetic and digital tools, it's the natural world that captures the imagina ...

Color Theory Notecards

Blending a classic watercolor feel with a fresh, modern aesthetic, this notecard collection celebrates the mesmerizing b ...

Thermally Active Surfaces in Architecture

Departing from the simple question Why do we heat and cool buildings with air?, this book focuses on the technique of th ...

Dear Data Postcard Kit

For two friends to draw and share

Our best-selling book Dear Data celebrates the hidden patterns of our daily lives, revealing beauty in even the smallest ...

Local Code

3659 Proposals about Data, Design, and the Nature of Cities

With three billion more humans projected to be living in cities by 2050, all design is increasingly urban design. And wi ...

Grids & Guides Drawing Pad

Our best-selling Grids & Guides line goes big, with this large-format drawing pad designed for your desk. Fifty pages of ...

Grant Jones/Jones & Jones

ILARIS: The Puget Sound Plan Source Books in Landscape Architecture 4

Grant Jones, founding principal of the noted landscape architecture firm Jones & Jones, has practiced ecological design ...

Interactive Architecture

Adaptive World

Interactive Architecture: Adaptive World illustrates how structures can process information, make observations, and util ...

Cold War Hothouses

Inventing Postwar Culture, from Cockpit to Playboy

The technological innovation and unprecedented physical growth of the cold war era permeated American life in every aspe ...

Extreme Textiles

Designing for High Performance

Stronger, faster, lighter, safer, smarter--these are the textiles of tomorrow. From the carbon-fiber composite bicycle f ...

Building (in) the Future

Recasting Labor in Architecture

There is no denying the transformational role of the computer in the evolution of contemporary architectural practice. B ...

Grids & Guides (Black)

A Notebook for Visual Thinkers

Map out graphs, schematics, sketches, and dreams with this sleek and durable workbook. Inspired by vintage laboratory no ...

Observer's Notebook: Astronomy

A star-filled sky is as mysterious as it is sublime. What are we looking at? How far away and from when?! How do I tell ...