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Woodcut Postcards

If there is, indeed, nothing lovelier than a tree, artist Bryan Nash Gill reminds us why. The great beauty and power wit ...

Thank You Box

20 Thank You Cards by 5 Artists

Filled with gratitude and tremendously useful, Thank You Box collects twenty thank you cards in one handy box. Five tale ...

Emily Dickinson Notecards

An icon of American poetry, Emily Dickinson was also an avid gardener and botanist. Her knowledge of the natural world p ...

Birthday Box

Twenty Birthday Cards by Five Artists

Celebratory, fun and tremendously useful, Birthday Box is a box of twenty birthday cards---all the cards you could possi ...

Thinking of You Notecards

From Brian Rea, the illustrator of the hugely popular New York Times weekly column Modern Love, comes Thinking of You, a ...

Finding Home Notecards

Twelve shelter dogs, twelve adoptions. Traer Scott's luminous portraits capture each dog's personality'serious or animat ...

Abraham Lincoln Notecards

Before he was president, Abraham Lincoln worked as a blacksmith, surveyor, postmaster, lawyer, and legislator, securing ...

Keep Fresh, Stay Rad

100 Postcards

Friends of Type are a fun-loving collective of respected designers from Brooklyn and San Francisco. Since 2009, they've ...

Sunprint Notecards

The Cyanotypes of Anna Atkins

Hailed as the first female photographer (and first to publish a book of photographs), Victorian botanist Anna Atkins mad ...

Grids & Guides Notepads

3 Notepads for Visual Thinkers

Sketch, catalog, plot, thumbnail, dream, and develop with these three distinctive, colorful tablets--a companion to our ...

Walt Whitman Notecards

Walt Whitman, iconic American poet and stalwart in the worldwide literary canon, embodies what is best about America: ex ...

Fifty Type Specimens

From the Collection of Tobias Frere-Jones

Fifty Type Specimens is a collection of postcards with stunning images of typography, for inspiration, correspondence, o ...

Thoreau Notecards

Environmentalist, political activist, walker, tax resister, or just interested in a simpler life? If you re one or more ...

Button Box

100 Postcards

Conversation starters, political statements, declarations of pride, and cultural artifacts, buttons have mirrored social ...

A-Frame Notecards and Postcards

Pulled from the pages of PAPress s classic book A-Frame, this fold-out portfolio contains a variety of notecards and pos ...

Sauvage Notecards

With eye-popping colors and graphic appeal, this stunning notecard collection contains twelve unique cards, printed in n ...

The Olivetti Pattern Series Notecards

The Olivetti typewriter is an icon, both as design object and as the favorite writing tool of authors as diverse as John ...

Architectural Classics Notecards

A mix of stunning drawings and etchings, this luxe notecard set showcases palaces, gardens, villas, and iconic public bu ...

The Pattern Box

100 Postcards by 10 Contemporary Pattern Designers'

Curated by New York City's celebrated Textile Arts Center, this vibrant, pattern-filled collection features one hundred ...

Color Theory Notecards

Blending a classic watercolor feel with a fresh, modern aesthetic, this notecard collection celebrates the mesmerizing b ...

Fredericks & Mae Animal Mask Notecards

There's more to these notecards than meets'the eye: each card features a die-cut shape that transforms it into a strikin ...

Living Pattern Postcard Packet

Self-described plant hoarder and artist Jenny Kiker creates stunning watercolor patterns celebrating the lush, verdant ...

I Paid the Light Bill Just to See Your Face

Love in Letters Notecards

Celebrated public artist Stephen Powers painted these charming expressions of encouragement and devotion for loved ones ...

Dear Data Postcard Kit

For two friends to draw and share

Our best-selling book Dear Data celebrates the hidden patterns of our daily lives, revealing beauty in even the smallest ...

Sigrid Calon Notecards

Inspired by the vibrant Risograph prints of Dutch artist Sigrid Calon, this stunning collection includes twelve deluxe n ...

Flower Box

100 Postcards by 10 artists

Sunflowers, roses, succulents, ferns, wildflowers---this rich bouquet of postcards features one hundred botanical postca ...

Modern Typography Notecards

Picking up where our successful Vintage Typography Notecards left off, this new notecard set features one-of-a-kind type ...

San Francisco: Portrait of a City Notecards

Fred Lyon captures the essence ofSan Francisco in this fine art photography notecard set, an extension of his book, San ...

Wild Sea Notecards

This handsome boxed set of notecards features art based on the wild and edible seaweeds of Ireland. The set contains six ...

Birthstone Notecards

This celebratory collection showcases the vibrant gemstone art of Elisa Werbler. Featuring twelve fluorescent birthstone ...

The Night Sky

Fifty Postcards

What is our place in the universe? For as long as humans have asked this question, we've looked to the night sky for ans ...

Buddha Notecards

Mindfulness, yoga, meditation, simple living---many paths lead back to Buddha, the timeless spiritual icon whose enlight ...

Art Deco Notecards & Envelopes

These striking notecards embody the glamour, luxury, and exuberance of the Art Deco period, with a twist of modern whims ...

Nigel Peake City and Country Notecards

Charming drawings and watercolors highlight the quirky vision of illustrator Nigel Peake, author of In the Wilds and In ...

The Seasons

Correspondence Cards and Envelopes

This set of elegant correspondence cards tell the story of a beech tree over four seasons. Turn the box over in your han ...

William Morris Notecards

Best known for his stunning textiles and furniture, William Morris, the influential arts-and-crafts designer, is also th ...

Radiant Notecards

Farm Animals Up Close

This lively notecard set features a crew of adorable farm animals. Sociable, curious, sometimes wary, and self-possessed ...

Mark Mothersbaugh

Collected Facts & Lies: Fifty Postcards

This collection of fifty postcards is pulled from the archives of legendary artist and musician Mark Mothersbaugh, cofou ...

Mark Twain Notecards

This spirited collection features four wry observations from the father of American literature, Mark Twain. The cards ar ...

Einstein Notecards

Albert Einstein the esteemed German theoretical physicist whose name is synonymous with genius'was responsible for some ...

Vintage Typography Notecards

Discovered in vintage typographic manuals, the specimens featured on these elegant cards range from one-of-a-kind hand-d ...

Nests and Eggs Notecards

Images from America's Other Audubon make up this stunning collection of notecards featuring carefully crafted nests and ...

Woodcut Notecards

If there is, indeed, nothing lovelier than a tree, artist Bryan Nash Gill shows us why. In this collection of notecards, ...

Quattro Parole Italiane Notecards

This set of twelve impeccably designed notecards features four iconic Italian words: ciao, auguri, grazie, prego (hello, ...

Curious Feast

100 Postcards by 10 Artists

This delightful box features one hundred postcards from ten celebrated artists exploring the subject of food. These extr ...

John Muir Notecards

Known in his lifetime as Mountain John, no one did as much to foster appreciation for the natural beauty of the American ...