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In the Ocean

My Nature Sticker Activity Book

The world's oceans are home to many different species and plants, from tiny organisms like plankton to the world's large ...

Otto and Pio

Otto the squirrel is perfectly content living by himself in his treehouse in the forest, when a small creature, Pio, arr ...

Sticker Shape Create

A Sticker Art Activity Book

Sticker, Shape, Create is the first in a new series of activity book for creative children, combining stickers and drawi ...

The Fish and the Cat

The best-selling The Lion and the Bird featured the enchanting stories and art of Canadian children's book author Marian ...

The Atlas of Amazing Birds

From colossal condors to polychromatic peacocks, The Atlas of Amazing Birds celebrates winged creatures through joyful w ...

Pablo and His Chair

For his birthday, Pablo receives exactly what he doesn t want: a chair. Disappointed and angry, he locks himself in his ...

Up the Mountain Path

Outstanding Merit, Bank Street Best Children's Books of the Year Mrs. Badger, an avid collector and naturalist, takes a ...

Paper Zoo

This ingenious and charming activity book makes it possible for anybody, ages three and up, to create colorful animal co ...

My Island

A young girl imagines a lovely island populated by thousands of birds, where she picnics with her animals, plays games, ...

In the Vegetable Garden

My Nature Sticker Activity Book

What's more fun or magical than digging in the dirt, planting and watering seeds, discovering the first seedlings of the ...

In the Darkness of the Night

A Bruno Munari Artist's Book

First published in Italy in 1956, Bruno Munari's In the Darkness of the Night tells the tale of an interconnected, intim ...

The Little Gardener

Helping Children Connect with the Natural World

The Little Gardener is an engaging illustrated guide for parents, grandparents, caregivers, and educators who want to he ...

What Can I Be?

Unearthed after nearly forty years, What Can I Be?, a stunning concept book written by Ann Rand and illustrated by Ingri ...

From Morning to Night

Things are rarely as they first seem, particularly when seen from a different angle, or in a different context. From Mor ...

The Brownstone

Living in harmony with your neighbor isn't always easy, but it's doubly difficult if you're a bear living in a New York ...


Walls of all sorts: social walls, border walls, political walls, emotional walls, bigĄwalls, old walls, and small walls. ...

Drawing in Space

Did you know that the universe is expanding even as you read this? That stargazing is really looking back in time millio ...

The Colorful World of Dinosaurs

Did you know that Argentinosaurus was as heavy as a herd of elephants?ĄThat Mosasaurus was three times the length of a g ...

Who Built That? Skyscrapers

Nothing in the built world captures the imagination like the skyscraper. Behind every soaring tower stands a designer wi ...

Animals of the Savanna

My Nature Sticker Activity Book

Did you know no two zebras' stripes are alike, that flies don't like to land on striped animals, that hippos eat lots of ...

Birds of the World

My Nature Sticker Activity Book

With their colorful feathers, beautiful songs, power of flight, and dinosaur ancestry, birds are truly astonishing creat ...

A Life Made by Hand

The Story of Ruth Asawa

Ruth Asawa (1926-2013) was an influential and award-winning sculptor, a beloved figure in the Bay Area art world, and a ...

Strange Trees

And the Stories Behind Them

Have you ever heard of the Strangler Tree? The Bubblegum Tree? The Upside-Down Tree? How about trees with horns, bottles ...

Look, It's Raining

It's Sunday, and Camille, having finished her school work, is feeling a little bored. Her parents are busy with their ow ...

Sleep Tight, Charlie

It's been a busy day, and Charlie, like any tired rabbit, is ready for bed. He arranges his slippers and glass of water, ...

In the Garden

Marvelous wonders await in this extraordinary garden book. From season to season, children follow the life of a garden a ...

Streams and Ponds

My Nature Sticker Activity Book

Did you know that water scorpions use a snorkel to breathe, that the eyes of the damselfly can swivel in every direction ...

In the Age of Dinosaurs

My Nature Sticker Activity Book

Did you know that the word "dinosaur" means "great lizard"? Have you ever heard of an animal that had to swallow thousan ...

Night and Day

As different as night and day, goes the old saying, and this elegant book takes readers through a series of opposites of ...

Drawing in the Sea

Do you know that water covers nearly 70 percent of the earth and that nearly 70 percent of the human body is made up of ...

When I Am Big

A Walk in the Forest introduced the enormously talented Maria Dek, and When I Am Big, is a beguiling follow up to her fi ...

It was so quiet I could hear a pin drop

The whimsical but simple illustrations of British designer Andy Goodman invite young readers to listen as well as read a ...

Garden Insects and Bugs

My Nature Sticker Activity Book

They are often so small that you hardly notice them, but all kinds of amazing creatures share our gardens: from ladybugs ...

Who Built That? Modern Houses

Who Built That? Modern Houses takes readers on a fun-filled tour through ten of the most important houses by the greates ...

Crocodile and Friends Animal Memory Game

Fossil, a good-natured crocodile who just wants some peace and quiet, quickly won the hearts of children everywhere in t ...

Listen! Listen!

Paul Rand and his wife,Ann, wrote this book for their daughter, Catherine, to explain the interplay of sound and color. ...

Good Morning, Neighbor

A mouse decides one morning to make an omelet, but needs an egg, and sets out to find one. On his search, he eventually ...

The Pancake King

Henry Edgewood loves making pancakes. He makes them every day for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and everyone in town kno ...

Time for Bed, Miyuki

Outstanding Merit, Bank Street Best Children's Books of the Year, Noted for Diversity Like children everywhere, Miyuki' ...

Who Built That? Bridges

An Introduction to Ten Great Bridges and Their Designers

In this latest addition to his popular Who Built That? series, Didier Cornille presents ten of the most important bridge ...

Leonardo da Vinci

Meet the Artist!

Discover the magnificent art of Leonardo da Vinci, Renaissance master, through this newest addition to the popular Meet ...

Alexander Calder

Meet the Artist!

No artist can put a smile on your face quicker than Alexander Calder. A sense of playfulness animates all of his work, f ...

The Quiet Crocodile Goes to the Beach

Fossil the quiet crocodile loves to go to the beach with his friends. Fippo the Hippo, Sonny the Bunny, Ryan the Lion, a ...

Mud Book

How to Make Pies and Cakes

In the mid-1950s, legendary avant-garde composer John Cage and artist Lois Long created a truly marvelous object. Part a ...

In the Forest

My Nature Sticker Activity Book

Did you know that fir cones grow pointing up while spruce cones grow pointing down, some kinds of mosses and ferns grow ...

Van Gogh

Meet the Artist!

Vincent van Gogh: Meet the Artist! takes young readers of all ages on a colorful, interactive journey through the work o ...

Animal Habitats

Search & Find Activity Book

Introduce young nature lovers to the wonders of ecology as they explore the earth's most amazing and unusual regions--co ...

A Walk in the Forest

A Walk in the Forest is a stunning invitation to discover the woods as a place for both imaginative play and contemplati ...

Patience, Miyuki

Anyone with a small child knows that patience is not a virtue easily won. In this magically illustrated story the young ...

Henri Matisse

Meet the Artist!

Henri Matisse: Meet the Artist! takes young readers of all ages on a colorful interactive journey through the work of th ...

Frank Lloyd Wright

Meet the Architect!

The life and work of visionary American architect Frank Lloyd Wright launches our new activity book series, Meet the Arc ...

Art Up Close

From Ancient to Modern

This sequel to the best-selling Masterpieces Up Close is another fun, interactive book that introduces works of art from ...

My Bison

In a clearing by the forest, a little girl befriends a bison. Each winter they meet, sit by the fire, and share stories ...

At the Seashore

My Nature Sticker Activity Book

At the Seashore is the next best thing to roaming the beach. What child doesn't love collecting shells and pieces of dri ...

Inventive Animals

My Nature Sticker Activity Book

Did you know that puffer fish dig geometric shapes in the sand, that octopuses imitate their predators, or that weaver b ...

DIY Dollhouse

Build and Decorate a Toy House Using Everyday Materials

D.I.Y. Dollhouse is a lavishly illustrated guide for budding architects, builders, and designers, showing then how to bu ...

Little Cheetah's Shadow

Little Cheetah's shadow is missing. When Little Cheetah finds him and learns that Little Shadow is sad because he never ...

Malo and the Merry-Go-Round

It's a beautiful day and Malo has promised to help his best friend Poto make pickles. But when Malo hears there's a new ...

Animal Camouflage

In a world where majestic creatures soar, scatter, prance, and pounce through beautiful natural habitats, astounding dis ...

The Lost Christmas Gift

Published in Fall 2012 to glowing reviews, The Lost Christmas Gift quickly sold through its first printing to become a h ...

Pablo Picasso

Meet the Artist!

Pablo Picasso: Meet the Artist! takes young readers on an interactive journey through the remarkable life of the legend ...

Masterpieces Up Close

Masterpieces Up Close is back in print! Once again readers can explore great works of art from the Middle Ages to the tw ...

Butterflies of the World

My Nature Sticker Activity Book

Butterflies, with their transformation from hungry caterpillar to beautiful flying flower, are among the most fascinat ...

The Quiet Crocodile

Fossil loves peace and quiet, and as much as he loves his friends too, sometimes they can be a bother. What happens when ...

Sea Stamps

25 stamps + 2 ink pads

Fins and shells, tails and scales, Sea Stamps is a spirited collection of twenty five shapes and textures waiting to be ...