Princeton Architectural Press presents:

by Rick Poynor
ISBN 9781568982984

The magazine Typrographica--brainchild of the founder, editor, designer and renowned typographer Herbert Spencer--had a brief life, a total of 32 issues published between 1949 and 1967. But its influence stretched--and stretches-- far beyond its modest distribution and print runs of the time. Indeed, for many graphic designers, Typographica is something of an obsession, to be collected if and when found, savored, and poured over for designs, and techinques not seen since. Remarkably, Spencer never intended to turn a profit, so no expenses were spared in the making of the magazine. Different papers, letterpress, tip-ins, and more were all employed in the presentation of an eclectic range of subject matter: Braille, locomotive lettering, sex and typography, typewriter faces, street lettering, matches, and avant-garde poetry all found their way into the magazine. Rick Poynor founding editor of Eye, recreates the excitement of Typographica in this carefully researched, accessibly written, and beautifully illustrated book that pays tribute to the man and the magazine that changed the course of graphic design.

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