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Materials Monthly September 2007; Issue 11: Modern Adaptations, including 23 Beekman Place Renovation, New York City, with Prismatic Stainless Steel, Hand-finished Acrylic Floor, and Silver Reflective Film; Knoll Textiles: Six Decades of Innovation, including Cato, Cyclone, Mira, and Century; Pigmented Structural Glass; Alexander Girard: Modern Textile Master, including Quatrefoil and Circles Wallcovering; Materialities: Modern Updates

Princeton Architectural Press is excited to announce the launch of the next ten volumes in the Materials Monthly series. This revolutionary new service is a subscription-based publication providing hands-on access to state-of-the-art materials and allowing designers to easily build a library that expands and supports their work. Designed as a system for shelving and cataloging, Materials Monthly regularly brings you a sampling of new and innovative materials, ten times per year.

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