How to Get In Touch

Our New York City phone number is (1) 212.995.9620; to reach someone directly, key in their extension (200-number extensions only) when you hear the greeting.

Our normal office hours are 9:30 to 6:00 EST; we're located 37 E. 7th St., between 2nd and 3rd Avenues in New York's East Village. The nearest subway stops are the #6 at Astor Place, or the N/R at 8th Street and Broadway. We welcome drop-in visitors, but please call first to make sure we can assist you before coming by!

Our Hudson, NY office (editorial, sales, marketing, publicity, and production) is located at 202 Warren Street; our number is 518-671-6100, to reach someone directly, key in their 300-number extension. Our Hudson retail shop, Paper+Goods, is open Friday to Sunday from noon to 5PM.
Janet Behning  behning (at) papress (dot) com,  x 304
Production Director
Nicola Brower  nicola (at) papress (dot) com
Senior Editor & Foreign Rights
Abby Bussel  bussel (at) papress (dot) com,  x 306
Tom Cho  tom (at) papress (dot) com,  x 235
Managing Editor
Barbara Darko  barbara (at) papress (dot) com,  x 234
Associate Editor
Benjamin English  ben (at) papress (dot) com,  x 207
Senior Designer
Jenny Florence  florence (at) papress (dot) com,  x 215
Jan Hartman  jan (at) papress (dot) com
Campus Guide Series Editor
Jan Haux  haux (at) papress (dot) com
Senior Designer
Susan Hershberg  susan (at) papress (dot) com,  x 214
Lia Hunt  lia (at) papress (dot) com,  x 305
Director Sales and Marketing
Mia Johnson  Mia (at) papress (dot) com,  x 204
Valerie Kamen  valerie (at) papress (dot) com,  x 210
Digital Prepress Coordinator
Simone Kaplan-Senchak  simone (at) papress (dot) com,  x 212
Editorial Intern
Kevin Lippert  lippert (at) papress (dot) com,  x 301
Jennifer Lippert  jennifer (at) papress (dot) com,  x 302
Editorial Director
Kristy Maier  maier (at) papress (dot) com,  x 307
Production Associate
Sara McKay  mckay (at) papress (dot) com,  x 233
Program Director: Paper+Goods
Eliana Miller  eliana (at) papress (dot) com,  x 309
Sales Assistant
General Publicity  publicity (at) papress (dot) com,  x 214
Publicity Inquiries
Wes Seeley  wes (at) papress (dot) com,  x 214
Rob Shaeffer  rob (at) papress (dot) com,  x 303
Acquisitions Editor & Program Director: Childrens
Sara Stemen  stemen (at) papress (dot) com,  x 228
Senior Editor
Paul Wagner  paul (at) papress (dot) com,  x 213
Design Director
Joe Weston  joe (at) papress (dot) com,  x 201
Office Manager