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Grids & Guides Tracebook

Tracing Paper Notebooks for Visual Thinkers

Princeton Architectural Press


     5.75 × 8.75 in (14.6 × 22.2 cm)
Sewn Spine With Front/Back Flaps
2 notebooks 60 pp each
Publication date: 10/3/2017
Rights: WORLD
ISBN: 9781616896423

Tracebook brings a whole new dimension to our Grids & Guides family. Each Tracebook set includes two books filled with tracing paper. The covers feature two distinct grids, classic on one side and isometric on the other; cover flaps fold inside the book, providing handy structure for your sketches, designs, or lists. Remove the flaps, and your design remains, while the grid disappears. Tracing sheets are perforated for easy tear out. As useful as it is revolutionary.

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