50 Things to Do with a Penknife

Matt Collins


     5.3 × 7.3 in (13.5 × 18.5 cm)
144 pages
200 (color and b+w) color illustrations
Publication date: 10/3/2017
Rights: NA
ISBN: 9781616896386

Whether you're a beginner or seasoned whittler, this practical guide to the age old yet newly popular art of whittling will delight, inspire, and instruct you. Featuring projects that cater to a range of skill levels---including a pen/pencil holder, chess pieces, a slingshot, spoon, whistle, chopsticks, fishhook, bookmark, and more elaborate carvings like a horse's head and whale, Fifty Things to Do with a Penknife is the perfect combination of cool craftsmanship with savvy survival-skill projects. Detailed step-by-step illustrations make this book ideal for the creative adventurer with-a-knife in your life!

Matt Collins came to writing from a horticultural background. He trained at the Botanic Gardens of Wales before taking up a consultancy position with the Garden Museum in London. He served as head gardener for a private residence, where he honed his whittling skills and published a journal, Ivy Cities, about the work involved in maintaining a working garden.

Editorial Reviews

Wisconsin State Journal:

"The 144-page book has seven item sections: quick things, into the woods, around the house, cork creations, ornamental carvings, kitchen carving, and the natural world. Purchasing the book as an early Christmas present to self in October could allow time to craft a flowerbed marker, letter opener, spoon, fork, spatula, ring holder, spinning top, bird feeder, and bird feeder and open a bottle of beer to take an edge off."


"You have a penknife. You have some wood. You face the question mankind has pondered since time immemorial: what now? Luckily Matt Collins is here to help you through this existential dilemma with 50 Things to Do with a Penknife. We'd say this is more suitable for the younger crowd, but there are almost certainly some more mature floggers out there who are new to the whole penknife scene, and this is for them...The last chapter is the most useful from an outdoorsy perspective, with topics such as grafting an apple tree and preparing a fish. Overall the projects are easy-breezy, perfect for kids and first-timers as a companion to their first penknife."

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