In the Darkness of the Night

A Bruno Munari Artist's Book

Bruno Munari


     6.25 × 9 in (15.9 × 22.9 cm)
60 pages
60 color illustrations
Publication date: 10/3/2017
Rights: NA + UK + New Zealand and Australia
ISBN: 9781616896300

First published in Italy in 1956, Bruno Munari's In the Darkness of the Night tells the tale of an interconnected, intimate yet expansive journey across three settings---in the darkness, through a meadow, and into a mysterious cave---through a spellbinding combination of paper stocks, transparencies, cutouts, and simple but lively characters. This timeless artist's book, available in a new English edition, is a must-have for Munari fans, designers, bibliophiles, and lovers of exceptional book design.

Bruno Munari (1907--1998) was one of the most groundbreaking and influential designers of the twentieth century. His seventy-year career stretched across the fields of graphic, book, and industrial design; painting, sculpture, film, and photography; literature, poetry, and more, prompting Picasso to call him "the Leonardo of our time."

Editorial Reviews

ARTnews :

"...A transporting artist's book by the great Bruno Munari. The tome was first published in 1956 and is coming out again in a new facsimile edition from Princeton Architectural Press, which took care to reproduce the book with all its quirks: holes in certain pages, translucent sheets between, little flaps that open and close."

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