Handcrafted Maine

Art, Life, Harvest & Home

Katy Kelleher , Greta Rybus


     8 × 11 in (20.3 × 27.9 cm)
224 pages
225 color illustrations
Publication date: 9/5/2017
Rights: WORLD
ISBN: 9781616895679

Amid the sublime beauty of Maine---its primordial forests, remote lakes, rugged mountains, and craggy coastline blooms a handmade culture fed by heritage, self-sufficiency, and collaboration. Handcrafted Maine: Art, Life, Harvest & Home features lively profiles of more than twenty artists, artisans, and craftspeople---weavers and potters, a painter, an architect, a boatbuilder, a leatherworker, bakers, lobster-men, and more at work in the woods, towns, and cities of Maine, celebrating the triumphs and challenges of entrepreneurship and independence. Including more than 225 inspiring color photographs and intimate narrative portraits, Handcrafted Maine provides a window into the inner lives of creatives and brings to life the powerful environment and spirited character that nurture the unbridled ingenuity and common-sense approach to craft and life found Down East.

Katy Kelleher is a writer and editor living in Buxton, Maine. She writes about creators of all stripes, food sustainability, and culture for local and national media.

Greta Rybus is a Portland, Maine-based photojournalist with an interest in our connection to the environment. She photographs for publications including the New York Times and Modern Farmer.

Editorial Reviews

Portland (Maine) Press Herald:

"Handcrafted Maine: Art, Life, Harvest & Home might launch another wave of migration from Brooklyn. With its lush photography by Greta Rybus, it's the kind of coffee table book that makes you want to run off to Maine to weave baskets or make leather goods or at least, bread."

Lodestars Anthology:

"[We are obsessed with fine print, beautiful words and exceptional photography, if we can find all this in a single publication (one that celebrates creativity, community and the landscape), then our adoration is going to be next level. So, not surprisingly, we were delighted to discover Handcrafted Maine, a new coffee table book that profiles 22 craftspeople, producers and creatives who call Maine home. Focussing on the stunning natural setting as much as their featured personalities, the book is a wonderful inducement to travel, consider the land and possibly even get your own project up and running."

Boston Globe:

"Brooklyn gets all the props, but Maine's got makers, too. Most don't look like hipsters, but they're good with their hands. Buxton, Maine-based writer Katy Kelleher profiles 22 local artisans, including a boat builder, a basket maker, a potter who creates quirky animal cups, and a chef who keeps pigs. Greta Rybus's evocative photographs make you wish you were there."

Bangor Daily News:

"...a lavishly photographed book with in-depth reporting that delivers genuine senses of place...Handcrafted Maine is a beautiful book about hardy, creative souls making it in a state built on locavorism."

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