Draw Like an Artist

A Self-Portrait Sketchbook

Patricia Geis


     9.25 × 11.75 in (23.5 × 29.8 cm)
48 pages
25 color illustrations
Publication date: 09/06/2016
Rights: World English
ISBN: 9781616895105

How would you draw yourself if you were Vincent van Gogh? Pablo Picasso? Or Frida Kahlo? Draw Like an Artist offers examples of self-portraits from eighteen masters, accompanied by thought-provoking questions and a matching canvas. The result is a fun-filled artistic journey for young artists of any skill level to create self-portraits in the style of different artists, and then finish with their very own composition.

Patricia Geis is a graphic designer, illustrator, and author of the Meet the Artist! series: Pablo Picasso, Alexander Calder, Henri Matisse, and Vincent van Gogh. She lives in Barcelona, Spain.

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