Strange Trees

And the Stories Behind Them

Bernadette Pourquiee, Cecile Gambini


     8.75 × 12 in (22.2 × 30.5 cm)
40 pages
30 color illustrations
Publication date: 04/05/2016
Rights: North America
ISBN: 9781616894597

Have you ever heard of the Strangler Tree? The Bubblegum Tree? The Upside-Down Tree? How about trees with horns, bottles, sausages, crowns, and ones that walk or even explode? Crazy, maybe, but true. Find out more about these, and others, in this colorfully illustrated collection of the most bizarre---but real---trees from around the world, once again reminding us that the art of nature is far stranger thanfiction. The perfect book for inquisitive naturalists with imaginations, Strange Trees also includes a map of the world showing where the trees grew.

Bernadette Pourqui lives among fig trees in the South of France. She has worked in publishing and written several books and plays for children.

Designer C cile Gambini has illustrated numerous children's books and lives in France near many beautiful, if ordinary, trees.

Editorial Reviews

Tropical Garden Magazine:

"The book provides the best kind of learning -- the kind that happens without the learner realizing it, the kind that gives the reader a thrill of discovering something novel.... Artist Cecile Gambini's illustrations alone make this book a worthwhile purchase. They are perfect: charming and colorful with accuracy and a little bit of mystery."

Natural History Magazine:

"Unusual trees personally enlighten readers about their unique features, share stories about myths they have inspired, and discuss some of the animals and people they have encountered. The illustrations are charming and the stories and details about the trees are fascinating -- some explode, others can be a source of French fries."

Booklist Online:

"The chewing gum tree, the upside-down tree, and the rainbow tree sound like fictional botanicals straight out of a children's tale, but they are just three of the very real types of odd trees found in this vividly rendered book. Through beautiful images and concise descriptions, these 16 unusual species provide fodder for a high-interest read."

Kirkus Reviews:

"Charmingly illustrated.... Each woody marvel is described in a separate two-page, colorfully bordered spread, with facts given on the left, and a dreamy, folk-style painting opposite."

Brain Pickings:

"Author Bernadette Pourquie and illustrator Cecile Gambini choreograph an illustrated tour of the world's greatest arboreal wonders, from species that have witnessed the dinosaurs roam this Earth to exotic marvels like Brazil's Walking Tree (Red Mangrove) and the Philippines' Rainbow Tree (Mindanao gum tree).... Alongside each imaginative illustration, partway between botany and fairy tale, is a one-page autobiography of the respective tree, describing its natural and cultural habitat in a short first-person story fusing curious science facts, history, and local customs."

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