A Lined Journal

Ed Ruscha


     5.5 × 5.8125 in (14.0 × 14.8 cm)
Paperback, With Removable Sticker
142 pages
Publication date: 03/17/2015
Rights: World
ISBN: 9781616893620

In the early 1960s, Los Angeles-based artist Ed Ruscha started painting single words or phrases on intensely saturated solid backgrounds, creating a body of work referred to as "word pictures." It was done in an effort to find a new way for paintings to speak. This lined journal, inspired by Ruscha's own notebooks, features NOISE, an early work from the series that seems particularly relevant in today's world of nonstop media noise.

Editorial Reviews

T magazine:

"The page weight is satisfyingly substantial, the ruling just the right width---the front cover is a welcome reminder, in the age of digital chatter, of the notebook's usefulness as a tool to quiet down."

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