War Plan Red

The United States' Secret Plan to Invade Canada, and Canada's to Invade the U.S.

Kevin Lippert


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     5 × 7 in (12.7 × 17.8 cm)
144 pages
30 color illustrations, 20 b/w illustrations
Publication date: 05/26/2015
Rights: World
ISBN: 9781616893521

It's known as the world's friendliest border. Five thousand miles of unfenced, unwalled international coexistence and a symbol of neighborly goodwill between two great nations: the United States and Canada. But just how friendly is it really? In War Plan Red, the secret "cold war" between the United States and Canada is revealed in full and humorous detail. With colorful maps and historical imagery, the breezy text walks the reader through every aspect of the long-simmering rivalry--from the "Pork and Beans War" between Maine and Newfoundland lumberjacks, to the "Pig War" of the San Juan Islands, culminating with excerpts from actual declassified invasion plans the Canadian and U.S. militaries drew up in the 1920s and 1930s. A perfect gift for history buffs (and Canadians and Americans alike), War Plan Red offers up a new wrinkle in the ever-evolving history of North American continental relations.
  • Like the best kind of NPR story, it charts little-known historical territory with a light touch
  • Full of quirky historical anecdotes, the books is a cheerful celebration of a rivalry that goes back to the founding of each nation
  • Declassified excerpts from each nation's invasion plans offer unintentional silliness
  • A great gift for the would-be invader on either side of the border

Kevin Lippert studied history and architecture at Princeton University, where he founded Princeton Architectural Press, the publisher of books on architecture, art, design, and visual culture, which he's run for the past thirty-four years.

Editorial Reviews

Mental Floss:

"Every once in a while, leaders of the two countries that sit along the world's longest open border have eyed the territory on the other side as prime for an invasion. Lippert's fascinating and frequently funny book details the moments when the countries' relationship became a little strained, including details of Canada's 1921 plan for attacking the United States and a full reproduction of War Plan Red, the 1935 American scheme to storm Canada. The details of Canada's 1921 espionage excursion through New England alone are worth a purchase: find out what state's men were characterized as "fat and lazy but pleasant and congenial.""

CBC Radio:

"War Plan Red is a beautiful and fun book. It's a military history told in a snarky, fun, pop way, full of interesting historical stories and beautifully done. A fascinating exploration of little-known elements to Canada's longstanding relationship with our neighbor to the south."


"Terrifically fun!"

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