Animal Box

100 Postcards by 10 Artists

Happy Menocal


     4.25 × 6.25 in (10.8 × 15.9 cm)
100 4/C Postcards, 10 Tabbed Dividers, 24-Page Booklet

Publication date: 02/17/2015
Rights: World
ISBN: 9781616893484

Cats, dogs, hens, foxes, lions, tigers, even lemurs--this character-filled collection, curated by Brooklyn-based artist and illustrator Happy Menocal, features one hundred animal postcards from ten celebrated artists: Katharine Barnwell, Ben Giles, David Howell, Charlotte Linton, Geoffrey Martin, Menocal, Alice Pattullo, Sirichai, Adrien Vermont, and Kazumi Yoshida. The colorful cards, in our popular postcard box format, are ideal for correspondence, display, or a little company. A booklet about the artists highlights their creative processes, influences, and favorite creatures.

Editorial Reviews

CityDog magazine:

"Dog lovers are animal lovers and this box of 100 postcards by 10 artists features nothing but our furry, feathered and finned friends. The colorful cards were curated by Brooklyn-based artist Happy Menocal and come with a booklet highlighting each artist's creative process, influences and favorite creatures."

Fast Co.Design:

"The artists' wildly different styles ... remind us how many different ways there are of looking at a given creature"

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