Finding Home

Shelter Dogs and Their Stories

Traer Scott


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     8.5 × 9 in (21.6 × 22.9 cm)
96 pages
20 color illustrations, 35 b/w illustrations
Publication date: 09/22/2015
Rights: World
ISBN: 9781616893439

Bold, retiring, serious, sparkling, quirky, or lovable the dogs in Traer Scott's remarkable photographs regard us with humor, dignity, and an abundance of feeling. Scott began photographing these dogs in 2005 as a volunteer at animal shelters. Her first book, Shelter Dogs, was a runaway success, and in this follow-up, Scott introduces a new collection of canine subjects, each with indomitable character and spirit: Morrissey, a pit bull, who suffered from anxiety- related behaviors brought on by shelter life until adopted by a family with four children; Chloe, a young chocolate Lab mix, surrendered to a shelter by a family with allergies; Gabriel and Cody, retired racing greyhounds; and Bingley, a dog who lost his hearing during a drug bust but was brought home by a loving family that has risen to the challenge of living with a deaf dog. Through extended features'we become better acquainted with the personalities and life stories of selected dogs and watch as they experience the sometimes rocky and always emotional transition to new homes.The portraits in Finding Home form an eloquent plea for the urgent need for more adoptive families, as well as a tribute to dogs everywhere.
  • Traer Scott's previous collection of portraits,Shelter Dogs (2006), sold more than 50,000 copies and was featured on national TV and print media.
  • Scott is also author of the best-selling Newborn Puppies (2013).
  • After Hurricane Katrina and with the popularity of sites like PetFinder, interest in shelter dogs has never been higher.

Editorial Reviews

Shelf Awareness:

"Scott's black-and-white portraits give these dogs a poignancy and gravitas they deserve."

The Bark:

"Photographer Traer Scott follows up her groundbreaking book Shelter Dogs with a new work of equal grace and sensitivity. The portraits in Finding Home not only showcase a collection of canines with indomitable character and spirit, they are also an eloquent plea for more adoptive families, and a tribute to all dogs everywhere."

Chicago Tribune:

"The dogs that stare out at readers from the pages of Scott's book are haunting. Scott also tells the stories of how each animal ended up in a shelter. Do yourself a favor. Read Finding Home, then go out and adopt a shelter dog."

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