The Cognoscenti's Guide to Florence

Shop and Eat Like a Florentine

Louise Fili, Lise Apatoff

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     4 × 5.5 in (10.2 × 14.0 cm)
224 pages
170 color illustrations
Publication date: 03/03/2015
Rights: World
ISBN: 9781616893217

Shop and eat like a Florentine with this pocket-sized guide to the best of the magnificent Tuscan city known for its art, culture, and cuisine. Celebrated graphic designer and self-described Italophile Louise Fili, with connoisseur of all things Lisa Apatoff, takes you on eight walks through Florence, discussing more than seventy of the city's most alluring shops--some run by the same families for generations, others offering young entrepreneurs' fresh interpretations of traditional techniques. Discerning travelers will discover rare books and charming hats; vintage Pucci and handmade shoes; cioccolata da bere (drinkable chocolate); colorful buttons; and bolts of rich silk fabric in this enchanting introduction to makers and purveyors of clothing, home decor, accessories, specialty foods, and much more. For each shop, there is a full-color photo, description of specialties, and information on location and hours of operation.
  • An overall map of Florence and a neighborhood map accompanying each walk help orient the traveler
  • Each walk features a listing of the authors' favorite restaurants and cafes, where the intrepid shopper can pause for sustenance
  • Includes list of authors' favorite shops and indexes by name and specialty

Louise Fili is director of Louise Fili Ltd, a member of the Art Directors Club Hall of Fame, a recipient of the AIGA Medal for lifetime achievement, and the author of the bestselling Elegantissima and the recently published Grafica della Strada.

Lise Apatoff has lived on a farm in Tuscany for more than thirty-five years. She is an official guide for the city of Florence.

Editorial Reviews

Super Chef blog:

"Each section comes with a culinary guide and map of cafes, restaurants, and bakeries so that there you are never far from a wonderful foodie experience."

"A spirited pocket guide navigating readers through the old streets of Florence in search of the most distinctive shops --- both legendary and little known. Besides colorful back stories and photos for each, there are eight walking tours as well as clear explanations for the city's famously confusing address system and sporadic store hours."

The Style Saloniste:

"I found the walking tours inspiring, and wandered about happily for hours following Louise and Lise's recommendations, filling my pockets with candy and chocolates and paperbacks along the way. The book is exquisitely designed by Louise. Highly recommended and essential."

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