Creatures of the Night

Traer Scott


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     7 × 8.5 in (17.8 × 21.6 cm)
128 pages
85 color illustrations
Publication date: 9/2/2014
Rights: World
ISBN: 9781616892883

Whether cuddly, fierce, mysterious, or some ineffable combination of all three, nocturnal animals never fail to fascinate. In Nocturne, celebrated animal photographer Traer Scott brings us face-to-face with the planet s most captivating nocturnal creatures. Bats, hyenas, barn owls, kangaroo rats, giant moths, Indian flying foxes, several species of snakes, and a Madagascar hissing cockroach are all dramatically lit against black backgrounds, creating ultravivid animal portraits that pop off the page. Scott presents eighty-five full-color photographs of forty different species from every corner of the world, accompanied by informative descriptions of each animal s habits and habitats. The first photography book to focus solely on night dwellers, Nocturne is a family album like no other.
  • Packaged in a gift format that will appeal equally to children and adults
  • An introduction provides personal insight into how Traer Scott captures her astonishing images
  • There are approximately 350 zoos in the US alone, many of which have special wings devoted to nocturnal animals
  • A resources appendix directs readers to additional information on featured animals and how to get involved in conservation efforts on their behalf

Traer Scott is an award-winning fine art and commercial photographer and the bestselling author of numerous books

Editorial Reviews

Publishers Weekly, Starred Review:

"In this exquisite collection of portraits of 42 nocturnal animals, photographer Scott sets her subjects against dark backgrounds that give the images quiet dignity and power, while making the animals' fur, feathers, quills, and skin all the more luminous. A serval cat stares intently at readers, a bat bares its teeth, and a cecropia moth's fuzzy, vibrant wings fill a full spread. Intriguing information about the animals accompanies the photos."

Providence Journal:

"Stunning photos, each with beautifully written descriptions."

School Library Journal :

"Scott photographs nocturnal animals against these deep rich backgrounds. They just pop into the foreground. It's almost as if their portraits were being taken. As if you needed another way to make some of these critters even more cute than they were before."

New York Times Lens blog:

"From bats to boas, owls to otters, rats to tarantulas, Nocturne celebrates some of the nighttime world's most mysterious and misunderstood denizens. Close-ups of creatures that we might never see otherwise --- the spotted salamander, the giant luna moth and the vampire bat, to name a few --- pop out against stark, black backdrops. Even common suburban backyard wanderers, like the raccoon, possum and domestic cat, cut striking figures against the velvety darkness. "

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