Infographic Designers' Sketchbook

Steven Heller, Rick Landers

     8.6 × 11 in (21.8 × 27.9 cm)
352 pages
700 color illustrations
Publication date: 10/15/2014
Rights: North America
ISBN: 9781616892869

We live in a golden age of data visualization, in which designers are responding to the information overload of our digital era with astonishing feats of visual thinking. Using a wide variety of techniques, they transform complex ideas into clear, engaging, and memorable infographics. In recent years, books and websites have been collecting the field s best. While stimulating, these finished projects offer little insight into how visual solutions were reached, making them of limited use to designers wanting to produce work of their own. In Infographic Designers Sketchbooks, more than fifty of the world s leading graphic designers and illustrators open up their private sketchbooks to offer a rare glimpse of their creative processes. Emphasizing idea-generating methods, from doodles and drawings to three-dimensional and digital mock-ups, this revelatory collection is the first to go inside designers studios to reveal the art and craft behind infographic design.
  • Follow-up to our bestselling
  • Typography Sketchbooks
  • First publication to show the drawings and sketches from the process stage of creating infographics, the design profession s fastest-growing practice
  • Features 73 case studies that showcase the broad variety of work being created for every medium and platform by the world's leading information designers, including Deborah Adler, Laura Cattaneo, Hyperakt, MGMT., and Massimo Vignelli

Steven Heller is cochair of the MFA Design Department at the School of Visual Arts and the author of many books on graphic design, including Shadow Type and Typography Sketchbooks.

Rick Landers is founding partner and co creative director of graphic design studio Landers Miller Design.

Editorial Reviews

Communication Arts magazine:

"The examples selected by Heller and Landers literally jump off the page ... Like the info graphics collected here, Infographic Designers' Sketchbooks is revelatory."

Creative Group blog:

" ... .a masterful collaboration between prolific AIGA Medalist Steven Heller and designer Rick Landers, I craved its release like a hot dog at a baseball game! I had to have one."


"An essential source of inspiration for graphic designers, publishers, editorial designers and anyone looking to breathe some life into their data presentation, Infographic Designers' Sketchbooks provides an in-depth look at both the creative and production process behind the world's leading data visualizations."

The Functional Art:

"The volume is gorgeous, and it showcases plenty of visualization goodness. If you're looking for a Christmas present for a designer friend, this may be the best choice this year. "

Fast Co.Design:

"This colorful collection of doodles, drawings, and digital mock-ups offers invaluable insight into how a pile of statistics can evolve into artful diagrams about anything from the shopping habits of American men to the adulteration of olive oil."

Interior Design magazine:

"Careful analysis of each page and designer will yield a greater appreciation of this modern art form."

"It's fascinating to go behind the scenes of a designer's work process, in the way it's fascinating to flip through another person's journal or leaf through the papers on their desk. If nothing else, the book is a testament to the sketching process. It shows how designers, and even non-designers, can use a pen and paper to sort through some hairy, complex ideas."

Choice magazine:

"The book's focus on the process, from idea through sketch up to final product, sets it above other similar titles ... .Summing Up: Recommended."

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