The World Through the Lens of our Four-Legged Friends

Keeney, Chris

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     6 × 6 in (15.2 × 15.2 cm)
144 pages
100 color illustrations
Publication date: 09/15/2014
Rights: World
ISBN: 9781616892586

Over the years, countless photography books have been published featuring shots of impossibly cute puppies, precocious kittens, and just about every other pet variety. And yet, our pets are even funnier and stranger than we know, if only we could see the world through their eyes. In PetCam, author Chris Keeney (Pinhole Cameras) presents the first book-length collection of stills created by an international roster of four-legged photographers. With small, lightweight cameras on their collars and cowbells, these intrepid shutterbugs document their world as they go about their daily routines, lounging under cars, scaling rooftops, jumping fences, relaxing on a neighbor s lawn. By turns striking, curious, and just plain amusing, PetCam showcases the work of twenty creative pets, along with humorous and sometimes outrageous artistic statements describing the work in the animals own voices. Featured animals include Coulee, a Border collie golden retriever mix from Alberta, Canada; Fritz, a tabby cat living in the Ore Mountains of Germany; Walter and Hamlet, brother and sister miniature potbellied pigs from San Diego; and Sofie, a Galloway cow, who spends her days roaming the Swiss Alps. PetCam also includes tips and resources for readers who want to introduce their own pets to the joy of photography.
  • First collection to gather the work of pets who take photographs
  • Features animals from around the globe: US, UK, Germany, Switzerland, Japan, and Canada
  • Includes a tip section and a list of resources in the back for owners interested in trying out PetCam photography with their own animals

Chris Keeney is the author of Pinhole Cameras: A Do-It-Yourself Guide and a professional photographer who lives and works in San Diego, California

Editorial Reviews

Lost at e Minor:

"One thing is for sure: looking at the world from the animals' point of view, the world is really quite beautiful."

Seattle Post Intelligencer blog:

"The opportunity to view the world through your pet's eyes can be an interesting journey and one I would recommend."

Feature Shoot:

"Unlike human photographers, these artists are unlimited by formal restraints. Unbothered by thoughts of the past or the future, they exist in a world that leaps from one thrilling instant to the next."

New York Times:

"A lovely, long article about petcams that mentions our book numerous times and includes quotes from author Chris Keeney. Well worth a read! In the print edition, it starts on page 1 of the Home section and continues for another full page inside."

Wag N' Woof Pets blog:

"I loved this little book, it just brought a smile to my face over and over, and who doesn't need that? At the size of 6 x 6 , I think it would make a perfect stocking stuffer for your animal loving friends. It would fit nicely right on your end table or coffee table, and give your company (and yourself) something to flip through and chuckle over."


" ... .wild adventures documented from an unparalleled perspective."

4 The Love Of Animals blog:

"The book is not only full of fun, full color photos from our four legged (and two legged) friends, but there are also tips for how to help your pet become a photographer! The book is really fun to look at too, with some photos that look as though they were planned, and others that make you wonder what you are seeing. The range of photos is actually pretty amazing."

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