Perfetto Pencils

Louise Fili


     2.25 × 7.375 in (5.7 × 18.7 cm)
12 Double-Sided Pencils, Boxed

Publication date: 01/15/2014
Rights: World
ISBN: 9781616892432

Legendary designer Louise Fili brings her love of vintage packaging and all things Italian to this collection of beautiful pencils. Housed in a sturdy lidded case, Perfetto Pencils features twelve double-sided, two-color pencils that showcase Fili's unique ability to capture the bygone elegance of our design heritage.

Louise Fili is director of Fili Design, a member of the Art Directors Club Hall of Fame, and the author of our bestselling Elegantissima

Editorial Reviews

Illustration Voice:

"Fili designed an eye-catching box full of versatile, handsome No. 2 pencils---perfect for drawing, and for perennial editors like me!"

Well Appointed Desk blog:

"The box alone is a work of art ... .The pencils inside are just as stunning ... The best news is that they write really well."

Issue Online Journal of Business & Design:

"Who would have thought that a box of No. 2 pencils could exude style, sophistication and Art Deco flair? But leave it to New York-based designer Louise Fili to use her mastery of typography, pattern, color and all things Italian to create a product that you would be proud to present as a gift and thrilled to receive."

"For this boxed set of 12 double-tipped pencils, Fili applied her usual panache with playful typography, polka dots, and a striking color palette. Like her other products, they're almost too lovely to use up."

Print magazine:

"From the vintage-influenced packaging to the 12 double-sided writing instruments inside, the Perfetto Pencils make any act of drawing or writing an elegant experience."

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