Shadow Type

Classic Three-Dimensional Lettering

Steven Heller, Louise Fili

This book is available in a Paperback edition

     6.75 × 9.7 in (17.1 × 24.6 cm)
352 pages
300 color illustrations, 50 b/w illustrations
Publication date: 10/15/2013
Rights: North America
ISBN: 9781616892043

Designers often look to the past for ways to enliven their projects. Letters with relief and shadow have long been an effective way to add spectacle or intrigue to otherwise mundane words. Introduced in metal type as early as 1815, shadow typefaces were a form of early experimentation among type founders. In the late nineteenth century, the form was adopted in wood type for use in posters and has been embraced ever since by designers looking for ways to communicate a sense of monumentality, a feeling of confidence, or a simple feeling of optimism. Shadow Type presents a broad spectrum of examples: advertising, shop signs, billboards, posters, and type-specimen books featuring the most popular, rare, and (nearly) forgotten dimensional letters from Europe and the United States. Compiled by the leading historian of graphic design, Steven Heller, and renowned graphic designer Louise Fili, this invaluable collection, packed full of typographic ideas, will inspire anyone aiming to give more depth to their design.
  • First compilation of shadow typefaces
  • Contains examples from more than three hundred illustrations
  • Drawn from a particularly rich period in the history of shadow type, from the nineteenth to the mid-twentieth century
  • Literary giant Honor de Balzac who had his own Parisian foundry published his own type samples

Steven Heller is co-chair of the MFA Design Department at the School of Visual Arts and the author of numerous books including our best-selling Typography Sketchbooks

Louise Fili is director of Fili Design, a member of the Art Directors Club Hall of Fame, and the author of our bestselling Elegantissima

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