Natural Architecture Now

New Projects from Outside the Boundaries of Design

Francesca Tatarella

     9.4 × 6.4 in (23.9 × 16.3 cm)
224 pages
250 color illustrations
Publication date: 8/19/2014
Rights: World English
ISBN: 9781616891404

Our 2007 hit Natural Architecture introduced artists and architects who transform the act of building into a fascinating new art form. Built from humble elements, branches, twigs, straw, bamboo, and fulfilling a wide variety of intentions, sometimes structural, sometimes sculptural, sometimes sacred, their fantastical creations resonate with an innate natural beauty. Natural Architecture Now features all-new site-specific installations by an international list of contributors. From an engineered oasis and climbing structure in Joshua Tree National Park to an intricate bamboo installation on top of the Metropolitan Museum of Art to a residential mud structure prototype created by Architecture for Humanity Tehran, each project points a way forward for architects to engineer a new organic simplicity of structure and form.
  • Follow-up to the bestselling book Natural Architecture
  • Features more than fifty projects from twentyfive studios, including Al Borde Arquitectos, Ueno Masao, Willem Porky Hefer, Ants of the Prairie, Alfio Bonanno, Roberto Conte, Yolanda Guti rrez, Patkau Architects, Studio Weave, Rai Studio, and Mike + Doug Starn
  • Projects are vividly displayed in photographs, drawings, and models

Francesca Tatarella is an Italian architectural critic and editorial director of 22Publishing

Editorial Reviews

" ... .it's worth looking closely at how these building techniques that rely on natural resources and few tools can redefine our architecture in a way that's both cost-effective and sustainable."

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