Ethics for Architects

50 Dilemmas of Professional Practice

Thomas Fisher


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     7 × 8.5 in (17.8 × 21.6 cm)
152 pages
Publication date: 12/15/2010
Rights: World
ISBN: 9781568989464

In this new Architecture Brief, Ethics for Architects, Thomas Fisher presents fifty case studies representing a broad range of ethical dilemmas facing today's architects, from questions regarding which clients to work for, to the moral imperatives of reclaiming building materials for construction instead of sending them to landfills. This timely book features newly relevant interpretations adapted to the pervasive demands of globalization, sustainability, and developments in information technology. Fisher's analysis of architecture's thorniest ethical issues are written in a style that is accessible to the amateur philosopher and appealing to professional architects and students alike. Thought-provoking and essential, Ethics for Architects is required reading for any designer who wants to work responsibly in today's complex world.

Thomas Fisher holds degrees from Cornell University and Case Western Reserve University. He was an editor at Progressive Architecture for fifteen years before entering academia at the University of Minnesota. According to the Kay Centre for Architectural Sociology, Thomas Fisher is the 5th most prolific architectural author in the English-speaking world.

Reader Comments

Ethics for Architects:50 Dilemmas of Professional Practice (rating 5 out of 5):
A very thought provoking and invaluable book in how to relate to people and situations in the world, not just for architects but all professionals. The opening quotes are very inspiring and relate to our daily encounters with people we live and work with. That we must respect the environment as well our fellowman/woman is paraomount to our survivial. We are all in this together and this book makes this point very well. All business people should read it and put the concepts of this book into practice.
- Dan Reaume from Windsor, Ontario CANADA (07/15/2011)

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