The Architecture of John Ronan

John Ronan

     7.5 × 10 in (19.1 × 25.4 cm)
192 pages
350 color illustrations, 80 b/w illustrations
Publication date: 5/1/2010
Rights: World
ISBN: 9781568988764

In Chicago, there is a long history of celebrating architecture as a building art--not merely a graphic one--where lofty rhetoric takes a back seat to clear-headed pragmatism. John Ronan is a leading figure of a new generation of architects that are not only steeped in the grounded, rigorous, and self-critical Chicago tradition, but are also focused on design innovation. Ronan's decade-old practice has garnered critical praise and awards in recognition of its subtle integration of sustainable technology, spatial composition, and material detail. His beautifully simple spaces convey a recurring theme of adaptability and flexibility across multiple functions that, when activated by a specific use, do not deter from a holistic architectural intent. Explorations features twelve projects ranging in scale from private residences and adaptive renovations to large public buildings.

John Ronan Architects' award-winning Gary Comer Youth Center was designed specifically to support the activities of Chicago's South Shore Drill Team; however, during the design process, the function of the space continued to evolve along with the client's goals, resulting in an architectural program that grew from a simple gym into a multifunctional space supporting a range of community and educational services. Explorations also features fully documented design processes for the recently completed Poetry Foundation in Chicago; the transformation of Washington, D.C.'s historic Yale Steam Laundry building into condominiums; the Urban Model High School, a new prototype school developed for the Public Building Commission of Chicago; and Precast Chapel, an economical concrete chapel for promoting interfaith dialogue and religious understanding. Ronan's ability to deliver adaptability along with a sense of identity and place renders his work both timely and destined to age with grace and dignity--meaningful additions to their environs that hold significant value to both building clients and end users. Explorations features a foreword by Toshiko Mori, chair of the department of architecture at the Harvard Graduate School of Design; an essay by highly respected Chicago-based architect Brad Lynch; and a Q&A with John Ronan conducted by Robert McAnulty.

John Ronan founded John Ronan Architects in 1999. He is an assistant professor of architecture at the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago. His work has appeared in numerous publications and his projects have been featured in several exhibitions. John Ronan Architects was awarded the 2009 National Honor Award by the American Institute of Architecture for the Gary Comer Youth Center project in Chicago, Illinois.

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