Over and Over

A Catalog of Hand-Drawn Patterns

Mike Perry

     8 × 10 in (20.3 × 25.4 cm)
256 pages
250 color illustrations
Publication date: 9/1/2008
Rights: World
ISBN: 9781568987576

Praise for Hand Job: A Catalog of Type:
"A range of exciting bespoke experiments that blur the lines between illustration and typography.---Dwell
"Michael Perry's compendium of hand-drawn type points to the continued relevance of the human touch in modern communication."--American Craft
"Pattern can be derived from many sources, if we remember to look closely. While patterns have been around forever, there's a recent movement, a tendency among designers, to allow patterns to animate their work with colorful and exuberant complexity. Over and Over: A Catalog of Hand-Drawn Patterns collects groundbreaking work from fifty of today's most talented designers who create patterns by hand and use them in their work in inventive and innovative ways. From Deanne Cheuk's patterns that adorn current fashion to those of Robin Cameron that explore her interest in art to Garrett Morin's patterns that arose from an exercise for a character called Eloie, the examples in this book push the boundaries of the traditional concept of what a pattern is. The selected works are often not an end result but the beginning of something else, of something bigger and broader. While the computer is sometimes involved in the production of patterns, the hand-drawn element is always evident in the uniqueness of these works. Featuring more than 250 vibrant and exciting patterns, Over and Over explores this magic on every single page and will inspire designers everywhere.

"Drawing a pattern is not the easiest way of doing it, but, when the time is spent, something magical happens."--Mike Perry

Michael Perry spends his days and nights in Brooklyn, New York, usually staring at his computer or sheets of paper. He uses patterns whenever possible, probably not as often as he should. He fell in love with patterns while digging through clip art books and has not looked back since. He has used patterns in his work for clients such as Zoo York, 2k, Zune, New York Times Magazine, and so on. Michael looks forward to a long life of making patterns. He is the author of Hand Job. A Catalog of Type, published by Princeton Architectural Press in 2007.

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