The Miller|Hull Partnership

Public Works

Miller|Hull Partnership, The


     8.5 × 11 in (21.6 × 27.9 cm)
256 pages
200 color illustrations, 25 b/w illustrations
Publication date: 6/1/2009
Rights: World
ISBN: 9781568987545

Our popular 2001 monograph Miller|Hull: Architects of the Pacific Northwest introduced the world to the work of architects David Miller and Robert Hull. Their energy-conscious designs, love of local materials, and structural expressiveness helped define the essence of a new and exciting type of contemporary regionalism in American architecture--the Pacific Northwest style. For these two Peace Corps veterans, that includes a serious commitment to a socially responsible and humane public architecture. The award-winning work featured in TheMiller|Hull: Partnership: Public Works challenges the notion that public buildings must be mundane in appearance or functionality.

Seventy percent of the firm's projects involve public funding. Their 2005 renovation of the University of Washington's Conibear Shellhouse in their hometown, Seattle exemplifies their architectural ethos. The site, once on the edge of a city dump, is surrounded by newly restored wetlands with pathways that link to an existing nature walk, providing public access to the shoreline. This same ethos is in their nine-story high-rise condominium built on a small lot in the revitalized River North district of Chicago. It also extends to the structure of their practice, with their close collaboration with consultants, communities, owners, and artists. TheMiller|Hull: Partnership: Public Works features photographs, renderings, and project plans representing diverse building typologies--schools, nature centers, community centers, mixed-use buildings, laboratories, corporate offices, and high-rise residences. These projects are the best demonstration of how the Miller|Hull Partnership brings life, personality, and warmth to public architecture.

Founding partners David Miller and Robert Hull, both raised in Washington State, have explored the development of two dominant themes in America's western regional architecture: the need to establish a defined place within the landscape and the art of rational building. In 29 years and with over $200 million worth of completed projects, our work base is composed of a diverse assortment of project types - from neighborhood park structures to a $54 million laboratory and classroom building. Miller|Hull specializes in projects such as schools, higher education facilities, nature centers, community centers, mixed use buildings, laboratories and corporate offices. In addition, we are noted for the design of innovative and affordable residences.

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