Fresh Dialogue 8

Designing Audiences

AIGA New York Chapter , Ze Frank

     6.5 × 9 in (16.5 × 22.9 cm)
128 pages
130 color illustrations
Publication date: 5/1/2008
Rights: World
ISBN: 9781568987514

Each year the New York chapter of AIGA brings together emerging designers for Fresh Dialogue, a panel discussion that provides a forum to present and talk about work, thoughts, and ideas. Designing Audiences takes a fresh look at graphic design through the eyes of three young designers, all of whom have embraced a media landscape dominated by user-centric social networking sites such as MySpace, Flickr, and YouTube. Playing with the notion of designer as visual interlocutor, they craft conversations where viewers become participants and the relationship between design and its consumers is radically redefined.

This lively Fresh Dialogue volume includes designers from a variety of media: Stefan Bucher with his wildly popular Daily Monster series; Eric Rodenbeck with the Flickr mapping brainchild Mappr as well as live data visualizations at Digg Labs; and Katie Salen with Karaoke Ice, the traveling karaoke ice cream truck. Designing Audiences is a stimulating and entertaining discussion of the changing role of the designer in the era of constant feedback. The moderator is popular online personality Ze Frank, creator of the web-based "the show with zefrank," stand-up comic, and soon-to-go-Hollywood charmer.

Ze Frank is an online performance artist, composer, humorist and public speaker. His website has grown to include interactive group projects, short films, animations, and video games. Frank won a 2002 Webby Award for Best Personal Website and was featured in Time magazine's "50 Coolest Websites" in 2005.

Stefan G. Bucher,is the man behind,, and His illustrated column "ink & circumstance" appears in the pages of STEP Inside Design magazine. These days he is creating "gratuitously ambitious" work for David Hockney, Tarsem, and the general manager of Per Se.

Eric Rodenbeck, Stamen Design/Founder and creative director of Stamen Design, Eric Rodenbeck is a 10-year veteran of the interactive design field. His projects have focused on exploring the outer limits of online media and live information visualization.

Katie Salen has worked on a range of projects for clients including Microsoft, SIGGRAPH, the Hewlett Foundation, XMediaLab, the Design Institute, gameLab, and mememe Productions. She is currently working on several MacArthur Foundation-funded projects that focus on digital media, games, and learning, including the design of a new public high school themed around games. She recently completed Karaoke Ice, a project featuring an ice cream truck outfitted for traveling karaoke that debuted at ISEA 2006 in San Jose.

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