Pamphlet Architecture 27: Tooling

Benjamin Aranda, Chris Lasch, Cecil Balmond (foreword) & Sanford Kwinter (afterword)


     7 × 8.5 in (17.8 × 21.6 cm)
80 pages
70 b/w illustrations
Publication date: 11/1/2005
Rights: World
ISBN: 9781568985473

We all know that today's architectural design has moved from the sketchpad to the screen--the era of the Mayline and the drafting board now seems downright Paleolithic--but techniques for using the computer not just as a tool for rendering but as a generative instrument remain woefully unexplored.

In Tooling, the latest installment in our renowned Pamphlet Architecture series, the technologically progressive young firm Aranda/Lasch illustrates how advanced computational methods and algorithmic codes can be used to foster architectural design. Tooling explores patterns generated by computer codes that in turn create an organizational template assembling projects. By openly sharing these codes, the authors seek to foster further investigation into their methods, allowing other architects to model and evolve more critical and insightful geometries and patterns.

Benjamin Aranda and Chris Lasch established their New York-based architecture firm, Aranda/Lasch, in 2003 to build and expose the nested structures found in our urban, media and natural environments.

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