Courtyard Housing in Los Angeles

Stefanos Polyzoides, Roger Sherwood, Julius Shulman, James Tice

     8.5 × 9.5 in (21.6 × 24.1 cm)
232 pages
403 b/w illustrations
Publication date: 7/1/1992
Rights: World
ISBN: 9780910413534

As cities throughout the U.S. struggle with housing shortages, valuable lessons can be learned from the principles that underlie the design of the courtyard house. Whether humble or sumptuous in scale, courtyards create a sense of privacy and enhance quality of life by creating the impression of green space for their residents. Now available in its fifth printing, Courtyard Housing in Los Angeles documents the historical, technical, and cultural forces that shaped the development of this distinctive West Coast building type. The authors' in-depth research and analysis is enhanced by the inclusion of numerous plans and technical drawings. Julius Shulman's sensuous black-and-white photographs document the range of courtyard styles--from simple bungalow-style dwellings to more ornate buildings combining Italian, Spanish, and North African influences.

A passionate, well-documented study of a model building type, which, for the authors, 'embodies all that is quintessentially Angeleno.' They trace its origins to the first decade of the century, explore its flowering in the twenties and early thirties, and consider its future potential. They show how it incorporated the romance of history and Hollywood, while providing congenial, affordable housing for new arrivals, low-income families, and the elderly. As architects, they admire the compact urbanity of courtyard housing in contrast to the cancerous growth of suburbia ... The authors' detailed research and precise analysis are complemented by period photographs and Julius Shulman's sensuous black-and-white images.--Michael Webb, L.A. Architect

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