Counterpunch, 2nd edition

Making Type in the Sixteenth Century, Designing Typefaces Now

Fred Smeijers

     5.5 × 8.7 in (14.0 × 22.1 cm)
200 pages
many b/w illustrations
Publication date: 08/08/2012
Rights: North and South America only
ISBN: 9780907259428

Typography is still dominated by letterforms from the first one hundred years of European printing. What were the processes and attitudes that lie behind these forms? Fred Smeijers is a type designer who learned to design and cut punches: the key instruments with which metal type is made. This book is a work of practical history, with much contemporary relevance.

Fred Smeijers is a Dutch type designer, teacher, and writer. After finishing as a student at the school of art at Arnhem, he worked as a typographic advisor to the reprographic company Oce, then became a founding member of the graphic design practice Quadraat, which provided the name for his first published typeface (FontShop, 1992). Smeijers has a whole range of distinctive typefaces to his credit, including Renard (The Enschede Font Foundry, 1998) and Arnhem, Fresco, Sansa, and Custodia. These latter are all distributed by OurType, the company that he co-founded. His books are Counterpunch (1996) and Type now (2003). He is a winner of the Gerrit Noordzij prize (2001), and is Professor of Digital Typography at the Hochschule fuer Grafik und Buchkunst, Leipzig.

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