The Transformer

Principles of Making Isotype Charts

Marie Neurath, Robin Kinross

     8.3 × 10.75 in (21.1 × 27.3 cm)
80 pages
Publication date: 6/1/2009
Rights: North and South America only
ISBN: 9780907259404

Isotype (International System of Typographic Picture Education) is a system of pictograms designed to commu-nicate complex information in a nonverbal way. Developed in 1936 by a team of sociologists lead by Otto and Marie Neurath, this process of "transforming" data into visual form has strongly influenced the fields of graphic design. The Transformer: Principles of Making Isotype Charts< is the first English-language primer on Isotype--the foundation of the modern-day pictographic signals found in airports, train stations, highway signs, and computer interfaces. Featuring illustrated examples and essays, including a previously unpublished essay by Marie Neurath, The Transformer is a long-overdue appreciation of an important moment in the history of visual communication.

Marie Neurath (1898=1986), worked with Otto Neurath, the founder of Isotype, from 1925 to his death in 1945. She continued this work after 1945 until her retirement in 1971.

Robin Kinross completed a postgraduate dissertation on Isotype at the University of Reading in 1979; afterwards he worked with

Marie Neurath on translations and editions of Otto Neurath's writings, as well as publishing essays on Otto Neurath and Isotype.

This book is a long-delayed outcome of his Isotype activity.

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