Active Literature

Jan Tschichold and New Typography

Christopher Burke

     8.26 × 10.87 in (21.0 × 27.6 cm)
336 pages
700 color illustrations
Rights: North and South America only
ISBN: 9780907259329

Jan Tschichold (1902-1974) is considered by many to be the most influential typographer of the twentieth century. A leading voice of the modernist movement, Tschichold oversaw the redesign of the Penguin and Pelican paperbacks in the late 1940s and devised for them a standardized set of typographic rules. The classical type designs of his late career qualify him as perhaps the first typographic postmodernist. Active Literature, an in-depth study of Jan Tschichold's modernist period, is based on extensive archival research that uncovered a wealth of new photographs of his design work. Author Christopher Burke presents a full portrait of the designer's career and puts into context Tschichold's own account of his life and work.

Christopher Burke is a type designer, typographer, and the author of Paul Renner (1998).

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