A View of Early Typography

Up to about 1600

Harry Carter

     5.5 × 8.75 in (14.0 × 22.2 cm)
208 pages
84 b/w illustrations
Publication date: 5/1/2002
Rights: North and South America only
ISBN: 9780907259213

A View of Early Typography has long been regarded as the classic text on the production and use of type in the first 150 years of printing. By focusing on type, Harry Carter goes to the heart of design, the point at which the material processes of printing meet the intellectual concerns of publishers and the nature of the texts they publish. Among the topics covered: the diversity of letterforms (blackletter, roman, italic, and more); the tensions between Latin and the vernacular languages; and the establishment of standards of norms in type design. This is a facsimile of the original edition, of 1969, augmented by a new introduction in which James Mosley explains the significance of the book and gives a short account of Carter's life and work.

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