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The modern houses of a modern master
This series of houses by Paul Rudolph represent the best of an optimistic American modernism of the 1950s. Affordably made with lumber-yard materials, naturally sited, and open to the tropical landscapes, Rudolph's Florida Houses represent the lightness, timelessness, strength, materiality, and transcendency of his early work, which many think is his best.
Astonishing outsider art from inside the asylum
Edward Deeds spent most of his life in Missouri State Hospital Number 3, and much of that time filling a notebook with meticulously detailed drawings of people, places, and objects from his memory and fertile imagination. He lovingly bound his drawings into a portfolio as a present to his mother. Then lost, the binder was found in a dumpster in 2006, and is reproduced here for the first time.
How One Man Became a Goat
Tired of the "complications of being human," designer Thomas Thwaites decides to take a break, as a goat. Studying its anatomy and behavior, he fashions a plywood exoskeleton to make him walk like a goat and a prosthetic stomach to help him digest grass, then dons a raincoat and helmet before joining a goatherd to cross the Alps. This remarkable story, at turns philosophical and hilarious, makes you ruminate on what it means to be human, and what it might be like to walk in another animal's tracks.
A comprehensive guide to modern living
Featuring tools, tutorials, and beautifully drawn illustrations, The Kauffman Mercantile Guide is an indispensable handbook for learning what we ought to know how to do, as well as what we'd like to.
Beautiful notecards from our most beloved nature writer
Environmentalist, political activist, walker, tax resister, or just interested in a simpler life? If you're one or more of these, you'll find inspiration in these stunning notecards with quotes from Henry David Thoreau, suitable for mailing or pinning up, with a choice of colorful photographic envelopes reflecting spring, summer, fall, and winter.
True stories about unbelievable trees
It's hard to know what's more unbelievable in this book, the trees—Bubblegum, Strangler, Rainbow, Walking—or the fact that they're real. Charming illustrations bring these bizarre botanicals to life, along with facts that are stranger than fiction. Certain to surprise and inform anyone interested in nature, regardless of age.
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