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Animal Camouflage

Find the animals

hidden in these pages of intricate cut-paper art. Invites young readers to become intrepid explorers to uncover native animals hiding in treelined jungles, still deserts, and watery depths. Fu, beautiful, and informative.

Never Use Futura

The world's most used typeface

It's been the go-to font for designers since 1924: it's on the moon, was used by Richard Nixon and Hillary Clinton, and is familiar to consumers of Red Bull, Nike, Domino's Pizza, or Absolut. This concise and readable book asks how a typeface can become so common it becomes a language of its own.

50 Things to Do with a Penknife

Learn to whittle with this clearly illustrated and informative book, which includes instructions for dozens of fun and useful projects.

The Quiet Crocodile

Just let me nap!

Fossil the crocodile needs to rest, but his friends want to play. What surprise awaits them when the noise is too much for Fossil? Beautifully drawn characters and the wry tale make this a new children's classic.

The Art and Craft of Geometric Origami

Take your origami to the next level

Millions love the mindful practice of Japanese paper folding, but instead of cranes and simple forms, try your hand at some of these elaborate geometric shapes, including starbursts, wreaths, and pyramids.

Michael Graves

The incredible story of a life in design

This illustrated biography of America's most celebrated architect of the late 20th century is a can't-put-down read.


Birds of prey as you've never seen them

Noted photographer Traer Scott brings her up-close signature style to our best-known birds of prey, hawks, owls, falcons, eagers, buzzards, and kites take on a whole new dimension when you're staring into their eyes face-to-face.

Mud Book

How to Make Pies and Cakes

Mud season is here, but rather than curse it, get outside and make something from this winsome and witty book by avant-garde composer John Cage and artist Lois Long.