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The following 3 books have been published in the last 60 days, including what's coming up in the weeks ahead:

1. Labyrinths & Mazes: A Journey Through Art, Architecture, and Landscape, by Tatarella, Francesca
ISBN 9781616895129, paperback binding, $39.95 (11/22/2016)

The labyrinth is one of the world's oldest symbols, and its meaning is often shrouded in myth and mystery or ties to religious rites. Today, ...
2. The Business of Creativity: How to Build the Right Team for Success, by Keith Granet
ISBN 9781616893941, hardcover binding, $40.00 (12/06/2016)

Long known as the go-to management consultant of the design world, Keith Granet reveals more of his clear-eyed insights about running a creative business in ...
3. Letters to a Young Farmer: On Food, Farming, and Our Future, by Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture, Martha Hodgkins
ISBN 9781616895303, paperback binding, $19.95 (03/07/2017)

An agricultural revolution is sweeping the land. Appreciation for high-quality food, often locally grown, an awareness of the fragility of our farmlands, and a new ...
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