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1. 100% Evil, by Nicholas Blechman, Christoph Niemann
ISBN 9781568985268, paperback binding, $14.95

"There's evil in the world."---George W. Bush

And lots of it. The question is, just what does it look like? A politician? An ex-girlfriend? Your landlord? ...
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2. America's Doll House: The Miniature World of Faith Bradford, by William L. Bird, Jr.
ISBN 9781568989747, paperback binding, $24.95

From the Star-Spangled Banner flag to Dorothy's Ruby Slippers, the Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of American History is home to some fascinating objects. In fact, ...
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3. America's Other Audubon, by Joy Kiser
ISBN 9781616890599, hardcover binding, $45.00

Nearly everyone is familar with John James Audubon and his seminal color-plate book, The Birds of America. But few people are aware of another monumental ...
4. At a Crossroads: Between a Rock and My Parents' Place, by Kate T. Williamson
ISBN 9781568987149, paperback binding, $19.95

After graduating from college and spending a magical year abroad writing our best-selling A Year in Japan, Kate T. Williamson felt ready for anything. But, ...
5. Breaking News: How the Associated Press Has Covered War, Peace, and Everything Else, by Associated Press
ISBN 9781568986890, hardcover binding, $35.00

"Even as I write, there are in some parts of the world where events are not yet of front page merit, some young men and ...
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6. Breakthrough!: 90 Proven Strategies to Overcome Creative Block and Spark Your Imagination, by Alex Cornell
ISBN 9781616890391, paperback binding, $17.50

All of us struggle at one time or another with creative block. Always striking at the worst moment, it can leave you feeling completely paralyzed. ...
7. Cartographies of Time, by Daniel Rosenberg, Anthony Grafton
ISBN 9781568987637, hardcover binding, $50.00

What does history look like? How do you draw time?

From the most ancient images to the contemporary, the line has served as the central figure ...
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8. Cartographies of Time, by Daniel Rosenberg, Anthony Grafton
ISBN 9781616890582, paperback binding, $35.00

Our critically acclaimed smash hit Cartographies of Time is now available in paperback. In this first comprehensive history of graphic representations of time, authors Daniel ...
9. Catalog: The Illustrated History of Mail Order Shopping, by Robin Cherry
ISBN 9781568987392, hardcover binding, $35.00

Since 1872 when traveling salesman Aaron Montgomery Ward realized he could eliminate the middleman and sell goods directly to his customers, Americans have had an ...
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10. Cocinando!: Fifty Years of Latin Album Cover Art, by Pablo Yglesias
ISBN 9781568984605, paperback binding, $19.95

Driving beats, coursing rhythms, swaying skirts, and swaggering bandleaders playing deep into the sultry night: Latin music is a celebration of life and sensuality, and ...
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11. D.I.Y. Kids , by Ellen Lupton, Julia Lupton
ISBN 9781568987071, paperback binding, $14.95

All over the world, parents are raising kids to get active and embrace the "design-it-yourself" spirit of homemade arts and crafts. D.I.Y. Kids encourages young ...
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12. Empire: Nozone IX, by Nicholas Blechman
Series: Nozone
ISBN 9781568984575, paperback binding, $19.95

Welcome to EMPIRE. Billions drink its sodas, listen to its music, breathe its air, drive its cars, smoke its tobacco, practice its religions, watch its ...
13. Finding Frida Kahlo, by Barbara Levine, Stephen Jaycox
ISBN 9781568988306, hardcover binding, $50.00

"Let's go see the Frida Kahlos."
It seemed inconceivable that after decades of exhibitions, auctions, books, and movies, unpublished Frida Kahlo artwork could still be found ...
14. Five Flights Up and Other New York Apartment Stories, by Toni Schlesinger
ISBN 9781568985855, paperback binding, $24.95

A flop house, a pumping station, a maid's room, a homeless center, a former brothel, a Richard Meier building, a circus trailer, a sail boat, ...
15. Forecast: Nozone X, by Nicholas Blechman
Series: Nozone
ISBN 9781568987934, paperback binding, $24.95

Praise for Empire: Nozone IX:
"Outside the and rebellious art and design is flourishing. One brilliant example is Nozone's new book Empire...a cross between ...
16. From Here to There: A Curious Collection from the Hand Drawn Map Association, by Kris Harzinski
ISBN 9781568988825, paperback binding, $17.50

It's a situation we are all acquainted with: planning to visit friends in an unfamiliar part of the city, you draw yourself a rudimentary map ...
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17. Handmade Nation: The Rise of DIY, Art, Craft, and Design, by Faythe Levine, Cortney Heimerl
ISBN 9781568987873, paperback binding, $24.95

Today's crafters are no longer interested in simply cross-stitching samplers or painting floral scrolls on china. Instead, the contemporary craft movement embraces emerging artists, crafters, ...
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18. Hello World: A Life in Ham Radio, by Danny Gregory, Paul Sahre
ISBN 9781568982816, paperback binding, $24.95

To an outsider, the world of ham radio is one of basement transmitters, clunky microphones, Morse code, and crackly, possibly clandestine, worldwide communications, a world ...
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19. Hong Kong Comics: A History of Manhua, by Wendy Siuyi Wong
ISBN 9781568982694, paperback binding, $25.00

Asian comics are increasingly popular in the West, where comic and illustration enthusiasts prize them as objects of cultlike devotion. The growing interest in Japanese ...
20. In the Wilds: Drawings by Nigel Peake, by Nigel Peake
ISBN 9781568989525, hardcover binding, $22.95

In the Wilds is a collection of artist Nigel Peake's hand-drawn observations of rural life. From the trees, fields, lakes, and rolling hills that define ...
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21. Instant: The Story of Polaroid, by Christopher Bonanos
ISBN 9781616890858, hardcover binding, $24.95

"Pictures in a minute!" In the 1950s, '60s, and '70s, Polaroid was the hottest technology company on Earth. They were an innovation machine that cranked ...
22. Iowa State Fair: Country Comes to Town, by Thomas Leslie
ISBN 9781568985688, paperback binding, $19.95

More than 150 years old and still going strong, the Iowa State Fair is an American institution that was recently selected by bestselling author Patricia ...
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23. Lost: Lost and Found Pet Posters from Around the World, by Ian Phillips
ISBN 9781568983370, paperback binding, $14.95

One of the first impulses of an owner who's lost a pet is to canvas the neighborhood with quickly made posters. And even if we ...
24. Menus for Chez Panisse: The Art and Letterpress Of Patricia Curtan, by Patricia Curtan
ISBN 9781616890292, hardcover binding, $40.00

Chez Panisse, a small restaurant in Berkeley, California, opened its doors in the summer of 1971. For forty years, the restaurant and its founder, legendary ...
25. Paint by Number: The How-to Craze that Swept the Nation, by William L. Bird, Jr.
ISBN 9781568982823, paperback binding, $18.95

What is the fascination of paint by numbers? Is it the intoxicating and compulsive act of filling in small pools of color? Or the easy ...
26. Pinhole Cameras: A Do-It-Yourself Guide, by Chris Keeney
ISBN 9781568989891, hardcover binding, $19.95

There can be so much more to taking a picture than pressing a button, and the quirky, time-bending results of the pinhole camera will surely ...
27. Reinventing the Wheel, by Jessica Helfand
ISBN 9781568985961, paperback binding, $18.95

As inventive as instructive, information wheels-or volvelles-have been used since the fourteenth century to measure, record, predict, and calculate everything form time and space to ...
28. Sensacional: Mexican Street Graphics, by Juan Carlos Mena, Oscar Reyes
ISBN 9781568983462, hardcover binding, $25.00

Walk down any street in Mexico, and you'll be greeted by images of soccer stars, mariachi singers, space ships, taxis, tortas, tequila, or any one ...
29. Sign Painters, by Faythe Levine, Sam Macon
ISBN 9781616890834, paperback binding, $24.95

There was a time, as recently as the 1980s, when storefronts, murals, banners, barn signs, billboards, and even street signs were all hand-lettered with brush ...
30. Speck: A Curious Collection of Uncommon Things, by Peter Buchanan-Smith
ISBN 9781568982977, hardcover binding, $25.00

In Speck, Peter Buchanan Smith asks artists, designers, lawyers, writers, collectors, and photographers to explore our obsessions with the small objects that loom large in ...
31. Strips, Toons, and Bluesies: Essays in Comics and Culture, by D. B. Dowd, Todd Hignite
ISBN 9781568986210, paperback binding, $21.95

Comics are typically thought of as "low" art. While the latest "Garfield" or "Boondocks" Sunday strip might be a common topic around the breakfast table ...
32. Taking Things Seriously : 75 Objects with Unexpected Significance, by Joshua Glenn, Carol Hayes
ISBN 9781568986906, paperback binding, $17.50

We all have something in our lives that while not obviously valuable, is displayed as though it were a precious and irreplaceable artifact. Inquire about ...
33. The Best of LCD: The Art and Writing of WFMU, by Dave the Spazz
ISBN 9781568987156, paperback binding, $29.95

Named the best radio station in America by Rolling Stone magazine four years running, WFMU is considered the alternative radio station. The New York-area noncommercial, ...
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34. The Complete Engraver: A Guide to Monograms, Crests, Ciphers, Seals, and the Etiquette and History of Social Stationery , by Nancy Sharon Collins
ISBN 9781616890674, hardcover binding, $29.95

In this age of emails, texts, and instant messages, receiving a letter has become a rare treat. Engraved stationery can make a piece of correspondence, ...
35. The Electric Information Age Book: McLuhan/Agel/Fiore and the Experimental Paperback, by Adam Michaels, Jeffrey T. Schnapp
Series: Inventory Books
ISBN 9781616890346, paperback binding, $22.95

The Electric Information Age Book explores the nine-year window of mass-market publishing in the sixties and seventies when formerly backstage players'designers, graphic artists, editors'stepped into ...
36. The Englishman Who Posted Himself and Other Curious Objects, by John Tingey
ISBN 9781568988726, hardcover binding, $24.95

The first impression of W. Reginald Bray (1879-1939) was one of an ordinary middle-class Englishman quietly living out his time as an accountant in the ...
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37. The Games We Played: The Golden Age of Board and Table Games, by Margaret Hofer
ISBN 9781568983974, hardcover binding, $24.95

As families are rediscovering the joys and virtues of staying and entertaining at home, board games have surged in popularity--indeed, sales doubled in the last ...
38. The Guerilla Art Kit, by Keri Smith
ISBN 9781568986883, hardcover binding, $19.95

We are living in a golden age of self-expression. The explosion of user-created content on blogs and social networking sites moved Time magazine to name ...
39. The Lost Christmas Gift, by Andrew Beckham
ISBN 9781616891022, hardcover binding, $29.95

Published in Fall 2012 to glowing reviews, The Lost Christmas Gift quickly sold through its first printing to become a holiday hit and instant Christmas ...
40. The Map as Art: Contemporary Artists Explore Cartography, by Katharine Harmon, Gayle Clemans
ISBN 9781568989723, paperback binding, $29.95

As seen in O: The Oprah Magazine, the New York Times Book Review, USA Today, Cool Hunting, and countless other media outlets, The Map as ...
41. The Map as Art: Contemporary Artists Explore Cartography, by Katharine Harmon, Gayle Clemans
ISBN 9781568987620, hardcover binding, $45.00

Maps can be simple tools, comfortable in their familiar form.

Or they can lead to different destinations: places turned upside down or inside out, territories riddled ...
This book has been replaced by a new edition
42. The Ocean at Home: An Illustrated History of the Aquarium, by Bernd Brunner
ISBN 9781568985022, hardcover binding, $24.95

The mysterious world beneath the ocean's surface has captivated man for centuries--the Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, and ancient Chinese all kept fish in their homes for ...
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43. The Projectionist, by Kendall Messick, Brooke Anderson
ISBN 9781568989334, hardcover binding, $40.00

"The ideal artist is unwilling to sacrifice his or her individuality to anything or anyone, particularly commercialism or outside control. Such artists often work in ...
Available for online reading at
44. Times Square Style: Graphics from the Great White Way, by Vicki Gold Levi, Steven Heller
ISBN 9781568984902, paperback binding, $20.00

Before there was Vegas, and long before there was "reality television," there was Times Square. For a century, it has stood as the blazing Crossroads ...
45. Year in Japan, A, by Kate T. Williamson
ISBN 9781568985404, paperback binding, $24.95

The Land of the Rising Sun is shining brightly across the American cultural landscape. Recent films such as Lost in Translation and Memoirs of a ...
46. You Are Here: Personal Geographies and Other Maps of the Imagination, by Katharine Harmon
ISBN 9781568984308, paperback binding, $24.95

Mapmaking fulfills one of our most ancient and deep-seated desires: understanding the world around us and our place in it. But maps need not just ...
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