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1. Pamphlet Architecture 5: Alphabetical City, by Steven Holl
Series: Pamphlet Architecture
ISBN 9780910413169, paperback binding, $16.95

Steven Holl studies the twentieth-century urban fabric, particularly the evolution and recurrence of letter-like building forms that sprang from the gridiron plans of American cities ...
2. Pamphlet Architecture 9: Rural and Urban House Types, by Steven Holl
Series: Pamphlet Architecture
ISBN 9780910413152, paperback binding, $12.95

Holl focuses on a collection of peculiarly American house types. These building forms exhibit a simplicity and integrity of construction and expression that link folk ...
3. Pamphlet Architecture 1-10, by Steven Holl, Livio Dimitiu, and Mark Mack
Series: Pamphlet Architecture
ISBN 9781568981260, hardcover binding, $45.00

To celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the founding of Pamphlet Architecture, we are proudly reissuing the first ten issues--most of which have been long out ...
4. Pamphlet Architecture 11: Hybrid Buildings, by Joseph Fenton
Series: Pamphlet Architecture
ISBN 9780910413145, paperback binding, $12.95

Joseph Fenton provides fresh insight into the long-ignored subject of hybrid building types, exploring more than thirty buildings through photographs, diagrams, and critical texts. Hybrid ...
5. Pamphlet Architecture 12: Building Machines, by Robert McCarter
Series: Pamphlet Architecture
ISBN 9780910413404, paperback binding, $16.95

Neil Denari, Ken Kaplan and Ted Krueger, Christopher Schulz, Peter Pfau, and Wes Jones look at the relationship between architecture and technology, exploring buildings as ...
6. Pamphlet Architecture 13: Edge of a City, by Steven Holl
Series: Pamphlet Architecture
ISBN 9781878271563, paperback binding, $14.95

Architect Steven Holl presents strategies to counter sprawl at the periphery of six cities. In each scheme, living, working, recreational, and cultural facilities are juxtaposed ...
7. Pamphlet Architecture 14: Mosquitoes, by Ken Kaplan, Ted Krueger
Series: Pamphlet Architecture
ISBN 9781878271839, paperback binding, $12.95

Architects Ken Kaplan and Ted Krueger present a blunt criticism of present social and political conditions. In response to the "dogmatic gas" that they perceive ...
8. Pamphlet Architecture 15: War and Architecture, by Lebbeus Woods
Series: Pamphlet Architecture
ISBN 9781568980119, paperback binding, $16.95

War and Architecture is a timely and moving response by architect Lebbeus Woods to the bombing of Sarajevo. With text in both English and Croatian, ...
9. Pamphlet Architecture 16: Architecture as a Translation of Music, by Elizabeth Martin
Series: Pamphlet Architecture
ISBN 9781568980126, paperback binding, $16.95

Architecture as a Translation of Music brings together two widely divergent and seemingly incompatible fields. Elizabeth Martin draws closely on the work of composer John ...
This book has been replaced by a new edition
10. Pamphlet Architecture 17: Small Buildings, by Mike Cadwell
Series: Pamphlet Architecture
ISBN 9781568980553, paperback binding, $12.95

A new addition to the ever-popular Pamphlet Architecture series, Michael Cadwell's Small Buildings presents a series of wooden constructions: a pastoral quartet located on secluded ...
11. Pamphlet Architecture 19: Reading Drawing Building, by Michael Silver
Series: Pamphlet Architecture
ISBN 9781568980799, paperback binding, $12.95

Number 19 in the Pamphlet Architecture series, Reading Drawing Building, is an exquisitely designed volume that juxtaposes two projects; the Library and the Drawing Machine. ...
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12. Pamphlet Architecture 20: Seven Partly Underground Rooms..., by Mary-Ann Ray
Series: Pamphlet Architecture
ISBN 9781568981031, paperback binding, $16.95

The latest in the Pamphlet Architecture series, Seven Partly Underground Rooms and Buildings investigates unusual spaces in Italy, ranging from a honeycombed and mazelike series ...
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13. Pamphlet Architecture 21: Situation Normal, by Paul Lewis, David J. Lewis, and Marc Tsurmaki
Series: Pamphlet Architecture
ISBN 9781568981543, paperback binding, $16.95

In this volume of the award-winning "Pamphlet Architecture" series, the authors examine common architectural forms (chairs, doors, and walls) and programs (a cinema, a health ...
14. Pamphlet Architecture 22: Other Plans: University of Chicago Studies, by Michael Sorkin Studio
Series: Pamphlet Architecture
ISBN 9781568983097, paperback binding, $14.95

Architect, writer, teacher--and agent provocateur--Michael Sorkin was commissioned by the University of Chicago in 1998 to produce an "alternative" master plan for its architectural revitalization. ...
15. Pamphlet Architecture 23: Move: Sites of Trauma, by Johanna Saleh Dickson
Series: Pamphlet Architecture
ISBN 9781568984001, paperback binding, $14.95

Founded in 1978 by architect Steven Holl and bookseller William Stout in an attempt to skirt the editorial control of the reigning architectural magazine culture, ...
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16. Pamphlet Architecture 24: Some Among Them Are Killers: Unmanaged Landscapes for Non-U.S. Military and Government Users , by David Ross
Series: Pamphlet Architecture
ISBN 9781568983899, paperback binding, $14.95

PA 24: Some Among Them are Killers explores unmanaged landscapes, territories that the author calls "wildernesses." These emerge from the cracks of mapping the spaces, ...
17. Pamphlet Architecture 25: Gravity, by James Cathcart, Frank Fantauzzi, and Terence van Elslander
Series: Pamphlet Architecture
ISBN 9781568984346, paperback binding, $16.95

For fifteen years, three architects--James Cathcart, Frank Fantauzzi, and Terence van Elslander--from three different cities have held an ongoing collaboration, creating installations and other works ...
18. Pamphlet Architecture 26: Thirteen Projects for the Sheridan Expressway, by Jonathan D. Solomon
Series: Pamphlet Architecture
ISBN 9781568984544, paperback binding, $14.95

Conceived as a set of "Flexible Standards," this new addition to the Pamphlet Architecture series (p.52) proposes a new way of thinking about roadways in ...
19. Pamphlet Architecture 27: Tooling, by Benjamin Aranda, Chris Lasch, and Cecil Balmond (foreword) & Sanford Kwinter (afterword)
Series: Pamphlet Architecture
ISBN 9781568985473, paperback binding, $19.95

We all know that today's architectural design has moved from the sketchpad to the screen--the era of the Mayline and the drafting board now seems ...
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20. Pamphlet Architecture 28: Augmented Landscapes, by Smout Allen
Series: Pamphlet Architecture
ISBN 9781568986258, paperback binding, $19.95

In 1977 Steven Holl and William Stout created a grittier alternative to mainstream architectural publishing called Pamphlet Architecture. With Holl's Bridges, the landmark series was ...
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21. Pamphlet Architecture 29: Ambiguous Spaces, by Nannette Jackowski, Ricardo de Ostos
Series: Pamphlet Architecture
ISBN 9781568987958, paperback binding, $16.95

Ambiguous Spaces, the newest installment in the Pamphlet Architecture series and a return to Pamphlet's own progressive roots, features the architectural fictions "The Pregnant Island" ...
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22. Pamphlet Architecture 30: Coupling: Strategies for Infrastructural Opportunism, by InfraNet Lab / Lateral Office
Series: Pamphlet Architecture
ISBN 9781568989853, paperback binding, $17.95

Participants in the Pamphlet Architecture 30 competition were asked to respond to the theme "Investigations in Infrastructure," and propose new directions for architecture, transportation, energy, ...
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23. Pamphlet Architecture 31: New Haiti Villages, by Steven Holl
Series: Pamphlet Architecture
ISBN 9781568989815, paperback binding, $19.95

After the devastating earthquake in Haiti, on January 12, 2010, Steven Holl had the idea of devoting the next Pamphlet Architecture book to solutions for ...
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