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There are 13 books in the subject area: architecture, construction and reference

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1. Building a Straw Bale House: The Red Feather Construction Handbook , by Nathaniel Corum
ISBN 9781568985145, paperback binding, $24.95

"This book is a timely and important tool for the empowerment of communities facing housing deficits. The Red Feather project is extremely important; it is ...
2. Detail in Process, by Christine Killory, Rene Davids
Series: AsBuilt
ISBN 9781568987187, hardcover binding, $65.00

What separates good architecture from great architecture? The difference lies in the details. The way an architect chooses to treat architectural detailing--screens and walls, doors ...
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3. Details in Contemporary Architecture, by Christine Killory, Rene Davids
Series: AsBuilt
ISBN 9781568985763, hardcover binding, $65.00

Curious about how Alsop Architects managed to construct that flying, translucent rectangle at the Ontario College of Art and Design? Wonder about the sustainability of ...
4. Engineered Transparency: The Technical, Visual, and Spatial Effects of Glass, by Michael Bell, Jeannie Kim
ISBN 9781568987989, hardcover binding, $65.00

Glass is one of the most ubiquitous and extensively researched building materials. Despite the critical role it has played in modern architecture in the last ...
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5. Integrated Design in Contemporary Architecture, by Kiel Moe
ISBN 9781568987453, hardcover binding, $65.00

Listen in on any conversation about architecture these days and you will almost certainly hear the buzzword of early-twenty-first century building--sustainability. But just how sustainable ...
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6. Liquid Stone: New Architecture in Concrete, by Jean-Louis Cohen, G. Martin Moeller
ISBN 9781568985701, hardcover binding, $65.00

Produced at a rate of five billion cubic yards per year, concrete is the second most widely consumed substance on earth, after water. It is ...
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7. Materials for Design, by Victoria Ballard Bell, Patrick Rand
ISBN 9781568985589, paperback binding, $50.00

As architecture programs throughout the country break out of the classroom and adopt the holistic methods of design/build programs, the need for a textbook that ...
8. Prefab Prototypes: Site-specific Design for Offsite Construction, by Mark Anderson, Peter Anderson
ISBN 9781568985602, hardcover binding, $60.00

Prefabricated construction is a hot topic in architecture these days, and for good reason. Prospective homebuilders around the world are gravitating to prefab as an ...
9. Remarkable Structures: Engineering Today's Innovative Buildings, by Sutherland Lyall
ISBN 9781568983301, hardcover binding, $75.00

In the revolution of form-making that has taken place in architecture during the last ten years-from the crumbled folds of Frank Gehry to the cantilevered ...
10. The Codewriting Workbook: Creating Computational Architecture in AutoLISP, by Robert J. Krawczyk
ISBN 9781568987927, paperback binding, $50.00

The Codewriting Workbook introduces students and practi-tioners to basic programming concepts for computer-aided design (CAD). Through a series of guided exercises and examples, readers learn ...
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11. Transmaterial: A Catalog of Materials that Redefine our Physical Environment, by Blaine Brownell
ISBN 9781568985633, paperback binding, $35.00

These days, whether you're designing a building or a toaster, a savvy knowledge of materials is increasingly critical. And keeping up with the constant flow ...
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12. Transmaterial 2: A Catalog of Materials that Redefine our Physical Environment, by Blaine Brownell
ISBN 9781568987224, paperback binding, $35.00

As the speed of technological progress continues to accelerate, innovation threatens to outpace architects' and designers' working knowledge of materials, thereby limiting their applicability. In ...
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13. Transmaterial 3: A Catalog of Materials that Redefine our Physical Environment, by Blaine Brownell
ISBN 9781568988931, paperback binding, $40.00

Since the 2006 publication of his best-selling first volume of Transmaterial, author Blaine Brownell has become the undisputed master of new materials, inspiring architects and ...
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