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1. American Architectural Masterpieces, by George E. Thomas, Michael J. Lewis
Series: Classic Reprints
ISBN 9781878271204, hardcover binding, $85.00

This lushly illustrated and carefully reproduced edition ... is a joy to study and a bountiful reference to the stylistic details of the period.--Building Renovation ...
2. American Vitruvius: An Architects' Handbook of Civic Art, by Werner Hegemann, Elbert Peets
Series: Classic Reprints
ISBN 9780910413350, hardcover binding, $85.00

American Vitruvius, originally published in 1922, is considered the classic encyclopedia of urban design. It contains 1203 plans, elevations, and perspective views of both European ...
3. Edifices de Rome Moderne, by Paul Letarouilly
Series: Classic Reprints
ISBN 9780910413008, hardcover binding, $85.00

Paul Letarouilly's masterpiece, Edifices de Rome Moderne, has been hailed as the most beautiful book on Renaissance architecture ever published. Letarouilly devoted 35 years to ...
4. Italian Gardens of the Renaissance, by John C. Shepherd, Geoffrey A. Jellicoe
Series: Classic Reprints
ISBN 9781878271525, hardcover binding, $85.00

As vibrant today as it was nearly seventy years ago, Italian Gardens of the Renaissance is renowned for its exquisite india-ink wash plans perspectives, and ...
5. L'Architecture, by Claude-Nicolas Ledoux
Series: Classic Reprints
ISBN 9780910413039, hardcover binding, $85.00

Few architectects have had a vision of architecture as provocative as that of Claude-Nicolas Ledoux. In 1847 Daniel assembled 300 plates by Ledoux in two ...
6. Monuments of Egypt: Vol. 1, by Charles Gillispie, Michel Dewachter
Series: Classic Reprints
ISBN 9780910413213, hardcover binding, $85.00

A related site of interest is the reconstruction of the Temple Palace of Ramses III at Medinet Habu, 1175 B.C., by Mohammed Motlib and Matiu ...
7. Park and Recreation Structures, by Albert Good
Series: Classic Reprints
ISBN 9781568981710, hardcover binding, $85.00

America's parks--and their architectural companion, the log cabin--hold a powerful grip on our imagination. Harkening back to a simpler time, these rustic structures serve as ...
8. Pencil Points Reader: A Journal for the Drafting Room, 1920-1943, by Jan Cigliano, George E. Hartman
Series: Classic Reprints
ISBN 9781568983523, hardcover binding, $85.00

The first issue of the legendary architecture journal Pencil Points appeared in 1920 as "a journal for the drafting room." Born out of The Architectural ...
9. Plan of Chicago, by Daniel H. Burnham, Edward H. Bennett
Series: Classic Reprints
ISBN 9781878271419, hardcover binding, $85.00

This meticulous reprint of the Plan of Chicago reproduces all 142 plates from the original, 48 of which are in color. It also contains a ...
10. The Antiquities of Athens : Measured and Delineated by James Stuart and Nicholas Revett, Painters and Architects, by James Stuart, Nicholas Revett
Series: Classic Reprints
ISBN 9781568987231, hardcover binding, $125.00

James "Athenian" Stuart and Nicholas Revett's monumental Antiquities of Athens was the first accurate survey of ancient Greek architecture ever completed. Based on precise measured ...
11. The Metropolis of Tomorrow, by Hugh Ferriss
Series: Classic Reprints
ISBN 9780910413114, hardcover binding, $40.00

From the 1920s through the 1950s, Hugh Ferriss was America's most celebrated architectural artist, famous for his dramatic charcoal renderings. First published in 1929, The ...
12. The Vatican and Saint Peter's Basilica of Rome, by Paul Letarouilly
Series: Classic Reprints
ISBN 9781568988757, hardcover binding, $125.00

French architect Paul Letarouilly (1795-1855), author of the masterpiece Edifices de Rome Moderne, was unequaled in his observational ability and impeccable drawing skills. He devoted ...
13. Town Planning in Practice: An Introduction to the Art of Designing Cities and Suburbs, by Raymond Unwin
Series: Classic Reprints
ISBN 9781568980041, hardcover binding, $85.00

First published in 1909, Raymond Unwin's Town Planning in Practice: An Introduction to the Art of Designing Cities and Suburbs is an extraordinary compendium of ...
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