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1. A Guide to Archigram 1961-74, by Dennis Crompton
ISBN 9781616890865, paperback binding, $40.00

In the decade of the Beatles and the moon landing, cybernetics and megacities, an ambitious group of young British architects burst on the scene with ...
2. A-frame, by Chad Randl
ISBN 9781568984100, hardcover binding, $24.95

"A" was the architectural letterform of leisure building in postwar America. Eager to stake out mountain and lakeside retreats, an entire generation of high-end homebuilders ...
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3. After the Crash : Architecture in Post-Bubble Japan, by Thomas Daniell
ISBN 9781568987767, paperback binding, $24.95

In the late 1980s, Japan was awash in seemingly unlimited wealth and rising toward what would be the peak of its modern economic success, power, ...
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4. Alvar Aalto Houses, by Jari Jetsonen, Sirkkaliisa Jetsonen
ISBN 9781568989822, hardcover binding, $50.00

Over the course of a career spanning more than fifty years, Finnish architect and designer Alvar Aalto (1898-1976) designed nearly one hundred single-family houses. Aalto, ...
This book has been replaced by a new edition
5. Alvar Aalto Houses, by Jari Jetsonen, Sirkkaliisa Jetsonen
ISBN 9781616890810, paperback binding, $35.00

During the course of a career spanning more than fifty years, Finnish architect and designer Alvar Aalto (1898--1976) designed nearly one hundred single-family houses. Aalto, ...
6. Andrea Cochran: Landscapes, by Mary Myers
ISBN 9781568988122, hardcover binding, $50.00

"Studies in repetition and order, orchestrations of movement in the landscape, and elements placed in geometric conversation," is how author Mary Myers describes the twenty-five-year ...
7. Architectural Lighting: Designing with Light and Space, by Herve Descottes, Cecilia E. Ramos
Series: Architecture Briefs
ISBN 9781568989389, paperback binding, $24.95

Architectural Lighting, the latest addition to the Architecture Briefs series, provides both a critical approach to and a conceptual framework for understanding the application of ...
8. Architecture: In Fashion, by Deborah Fausch
ISBN 9781878271990, paperback binding, $19.95

Feuding architects often accuse one another of being "fashionable." It is, after all, one of the worst insults that can be leveled in a field ...
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9. Bamboo Fences, by Isao Yoshikawa, Osamu Suzuki
ISBN 9781568988344, hardcover binding, $40.00

Bamboo has always played an important role in Japanese daily life, and the versatile plant has been used for numerous purposes ranging from food, garden ...
10. Big and Green: Toward Sustainable Architecture in the 21st Century, by David Gissen
ISBN 9781568983615, hardcover binding, $40.00

More than a century after its inception, the skyscraper has finally come of age. Though it has long been lampooned as a venal and inhospitable ...
11. Buckminster Fuller: World Man, by Daniel Lopez-Perez
Series: Kassler Lecture Series
ISBN 9781616890940, paperback binding, $21.95

Buckminster Fuller (1895--1983) was one of the most innovative and influential thinkers of the twentieth century. Best known as the inventor of the geodesic dome, ...
12. Building (in) the Future: Recasting Labor in Architecture, by Phillip Bernstein, Peggy Deamer
ISBN 9781568988061, paperback binding, $29.95

There is no denying the transformational role of the computer in the evolution of contemporary architectural practice. But does this techno-determinist account tell the whole ...
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13. Bunker Archeology, by Paul Virilio
ISBN 9781568980157, paperback binding, $40.00

In Bunker Archeology, urban philosopher and cultural theorist Paul Virilio turns his attention--and camera--to the ominous yet strangely compelling German bunkers from WW II that ...
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14. Citizens of No Place: An Architectural Graphic Novel, by Jimenez Lai
ISBN 9781616890629, paperback binding, $19.95

Architecture has become an increasingly interdisciplinary profession, and the language with which architects envision and articulate their ideas has radically diversified in recent years. Architect ...
15. Colonial Revival Maine, by Kevin Murphy
ISBN 9781568984490, hardcover binding, $39.95

Beginning with McKim, Mead, Bigelow, and White's famous sketching trip of 1877, architects have recorded the historic architecture of northern New England and incorporated its ...
16. Contemporary Curtain Wall Architecture, by Scott Murray
ISBN 9781568987972, hardcover binding, $75.00

Recent years have seen a rapidly growing interest among contemporary architects in the use of curtain walls to create innovative, attention-grabbing building facades. With new ...
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17. Conversations with Paolo Soleri, by Lissa McCullough
Series: Conversations with Students
ISBN 9781616890551, paperback binding, $19.95

Conversations with Paolo Soleri, the newest volume in our popular Conversations series, offers timely thinking in response to our global environmental crisis. Drawn from the ...
18. Crafting a Modern World: The Designs of Antonin and Noemi Raymond, by Kurt G. F. Helfrich, William Whitaker
ISBN 9781568985831, hardcover binding, $75.00

Kurt G. F. Helfrich and William Whitaker, editors, with contributions by Ann Lutun, Mari Sakamoto Nakahara, Ken Tadashi Oshima, and Christine Vendredi-Auzanneau. Foreword by Kenneth ...
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19. Cyber Cities: Visual Perception in the Age of Electronic Communication, by M. Christine Boyer
ISBN 9781568980485, hardcover binding, $19.95

Noted urban historian M. Christine Boyer turns to the new frontier--cybercities--in this important and compelling book. Boyer argues that the computer is to contemporary society ...
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20. Designing Paradise: The Allure of the Hawaiian Resort, by Don Hibbard
ISBN 9781568985749, hardcover binding, $50.00

We all have images that pop into our minds when we think of Hawaii: palm trees, grass skirts, pineapples, ocean breezes--Hawaii is the definitive tropical ...
21. Details, Technology, and Form, by Christine Killory, Ren Davids
Series: AsBuilt
ISBN 9781568989532, hardcover binding, $65.00

There are a dizzying array of new tools and methods available to today's architects. From high-powered computer programs to state-of-the-art manufacturing processes and complex building ...
22. Earth Architecture, by Ronald Rael
ISBN 9781568989457, paperback binding, $24.95

Dirt--as in clay, gravel, sand, silt, soil, loam, mud--is everywhere and it's free. The ground we walk on and grow crops in also just happens ...
23. Earth Architecture, by Ronald Rael
ISBN 9781568987675, hardcover binding, $45.00

Dirt---as in clay, gravel, sand, silt, soil, loam, mud---is everywhere and it's free. The ground we walk on and grow crops in also just happens ...
24. Everything All at Once: The Software, Architecture, and Videos of MOS, by Michael Meredith, Hilary Sample
ISBN 9781616890780, paperback binding, $24.95

In less than a decade, Michael Meredith and Hilary Sample have emerged as two of architecture's most daring experimenters. Their New York City-based studio MOS ...
25. Expanded View: The New Wing of the Anchorage Museum at Rasmuson Center, by Julie Decker, James Pepper Henry, and David Chipperfield
ISBN 9781568988924, paperback binding, $17.00

Expanded View: The New Wing of the Anchorage Museum at Rasmuson Center is a single-building monograph of the new wing to the Anchorage museum designed ...
26. Figure/Ground: A Design Conversation, by Scott Johnson, Bill Fain
ISBN 9781890449230, hardcover binding, $65.00 (A Balcony Press book)

Figure/Ground: A Design Conversation, is a collection of six dialogs on design between Scott Johnson and William Fain, the principals of Johnson Fain Partners of ...
27. Finnish Summer Houses, by Jari Jetsonen, Sirkkaliisa Jetsonen
ISBN 9781568987521, hardcover binding, $50.00

Summer is when Finland is at its spellbinding best. Emerging from a seven-month long winter, Finns head outdoors to savor the magical light of the ...
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28. Formerly Urban: Projecting Rust Belt Futures, by Julia Czerniak
Series: New City Books (Syracuse)
ISBN 9781616890896, hardcover binding, $29.95

Formerly Urban is a collection of essays grounded in the belief that design, in all its manifestations, must play a central role in the revitalization ...
29. Fragments of Utopia: Collage Reflections of Heroic Modernism, by David Wild
ISBN 9780907259107, paperback binding, $40.00 (A Hyphen Press book)

The book reproduces a series of the collages made by David Wild. Their subject is modern architecture in the first half of the twentieth century: ...
30. Frank Lloyd Wright: The Romantic Spirit, by Carol Bishop
ISBN 9781890449308, hardcover binding, $35.00 (A Balcony Press book)

Carol Bishop made a pilgrimage across the United States in search of a way to express her deep connection to the work of Frank Lloyd ...
31. From Autos to Architecture: Fordism and Architectural Aesthetics in the Twentieth Century, by David Gartman
ISBN 9781568988139, hardcover binding, $60.00

One of the most interesting questions in architectural history is why modern architecture emerged from the war-ravaged regions of central Europe and not the United ...
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32. From the Ground Up: Innovative Green Homes, by Peggy Tully
Series: New City Books (Syracuse)
ISBN 9781616890926, hardcover binding, $29.95

It is said that the history of modern architecture can be observed through the evolution of the single-family home. Over generations, each has hoped to ...
33. Full Irish: New Architecture in Ireland, by Sarah A. Lappin
ISBN 9781568988689, hardcover binding, $45.00

From Georgian cities to modernist masterpieces, architecture in Ireland has a long history of excellence. The last fifteen years, however, witnessed more social, economic, and ...
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34. Gateway: Visions for an Urban National Park, by Jamie Hand, Kate Orff
ISBN 9781568989556, hardcover binding, $60.00

Gateway National Recreation Area is one of the most diverse and underused parks in the national park system. Spreading across the coastline of Brooklyn, Queens, ...
35. Good Deeds, Good Design: Community Service through Architecture, by Bryan Bell
ISBN 9781568983912, paperback binding, $34.95

It may come as no surprise that only two percent of new homebuyers work directly with an architect to design the space in which they ...
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36. Guastavino Vaulting: The Art of Structural Tile, by John Ochsendorf, Michael Freeman
ISBN 9781568987415, hardcover binding, $60.00

Since the time of ancient Rome, architects, engineers, and builders have struggled with the problem of building domed ceilings over large spaces. No one was ...
37. Heavenly Vaults: From Romanesque to Gothic in European Architecture, by David Stephenson
ISBN 9781568988405, hardcover binding, $65.00

The Gothic cathedrals of the Middle Ages are among the world's greatest architectural achievements. Looking up at the soaring vaulted ceiling of a Gothic church, ...
38. Hill-Stead: The Country Place of Theodate Pope Riddle, by James F. O'Gorman, Edward S. Cooke, Jr., and Allyson M. Hayward
ISBN 9781568987590, hardcover binding, $45.00

Nestled in the bucolic village of Farmington, Connecticut, at the summit of 152 hilltop acres, sits what many architectural historians consider to be the finest ...
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39. Hotel as Home: The Art of Living on the Road, by Gary Chang
ISBN 9781568986036, paperback binding, $29.95

Architect and photographer Gary Chang has a strange obsession: he absolutely loves hotels. It's a good thing, as he spends about 120 days a year ...
40. House for My Mother, A: Architects Build for their Families, by Beth Dunlop
ISBN 9781568981734, paperback binding, $34.95

Building a house for one's parents is a time-honored way for many architects to begin their careers, to showcase experimental ideas, or simply to honor ...
41. House in the Landscape: Siting Your Home Naturally, by Jeremiah Eck
ISBN 9781568988238, paperback binding, $40.00

Most homes built in the United States over the last fifty years were merely plopped down on a piece of land without any real integration ...
42. How to Photograph Buildings and Interiors: Third Updated and Expanded Edition, by Gerry Kopelow
ISBN 9781568983233, paperback binding, $35.00

Since the previous edition of the much-acclaimed How to Photograph Buildings and Interiors, a great deal has changed in the world of photography. Author Gerry ...
43. Installations by Architects: Experiments in Building and Design, by Sarah Bonnemaison, Ronit Eisenbach
ISBN 9781568988504, paperback binding, $40.00

Over the last few decades, a rich and increasingly diverse practice has emerged in the art world that invites the public to touch, enter, and ...
44. Interactive Architecture, by Michael Fox, Miles Kemp
ISBN 9781568988368, hardcover binding, $50.00

Every year, a bevy of new phones, games, televisions, and electronic reading devices ride into our lives on a tidal wave of interactive hype. These ...
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45. Italian Architecture of the 16th Century, by Colin Rowe, Leon Satkowski
ISBN 9781568983318, hardcover binding, $35.00

Italian Architecture of the 16th Century is the last published work of the legendary Colin Rowe, the fruit of his four-year collaboration with Leon Satkowski, ...
46. Lawrence Halprin's Skyline Park, by Charles Birnbaum, Ann Komara
Series: Modern Landscapes: Transition and Transformation
ISBN 9781616890919, paperback binding, $24.95

The first volume in our new Modern Landscapes: Transition and Transformation series, Lawrence Halprin's Skyline Park showcases the acclaimed landscape designer's urban renewal effort for ...
47. Le Corbusier and the Maisons Jaoul, by Caroline Maniaque Benton
ISBN 9781568988009, hardcover binding, $40.00

In 1955, just as the world was pigeonholing him as the high priest of modernism, Le Corbusier shocked the architecture world with--of all things--weekend houses. ...
48. Le Corbusier Redrawn: The Houses, by SooJin (Steven) Park
ISBN 9781616890681, paperback binding, $24.95

Le Corbusier (1887-1965) was the most significant architect of the twentieth century. Every architecture student examines the Swiss master's work. Yet, all too frequently, they ...
49. LEED Materials: A Resource Guide to Green Building, by Ari Meisel, Steven Winter
ISBN 9781568988856, paperback binding, $40.00

Leadership in Energy and Environment Design LEED is the most widely recognized green building rating system, and arguable the most coveted certification, in the world. ...
50. Leisurama Now: The Beach House for Everyone, by Paul Sahre
ISBN 9781568987095, hardcover binding, $40.00

Who doesn't dream of owning a second home at the beach? Well, in the early 1960s, it was a snap even for the working class. ...
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51. Making A Case: 306090 14, by Emily Abruzzo, Gerald Bodziak, and Jonathan D. Solomon
Series: 306090
ISBN 9780615349091, paperback binding, $24.95

Making a Case focuses on contemporary housing in the United States and the future of the American home. Like the Case Study program post World ...
52. Material Strategies: Innovative Applications in Architecture, by Blaine Brownell
Series: Architecture Briefs
ISBN 9781568989860, paperback binding, $24.95

Blaine Brownell's best-selling Transmaterial series has introduced designers to hundreds of emergent materials that have the potential to transform our built environment. In our new ...
53. Matter in the Floating World: Conversations with Leading Japanese Architects and Designers, by Blaine Brownell
ISBN 9781568989969, paperback binding, $40.00

It seems that Japan contains a higher number of internationally significant architects and designers relative to its geographic size than anywhere else in the world. ...
54. Miami Modern Metropolis: Paradise and Paradox in Midcentury Architecture and Planning, by Allan T. Shulman, Diane W. Camber
ISBN 9781890449513, hardcover binding, $85.00 (A Balcony Press book)

The two decades following World War II were a period of extraordinary growth in Miami. During that time architectural modernism provided a framework for the ...
55. Minka: My Farmhouse in Japan, by John Roderick
ISBN 9781568987316, hardcover binding, $24.95

In 1959 journalist John Roderick joined the Tokyo bureau of the Associated Press. There, he befriended a Japanese family, the Takishitas. After musing offhandedly that ...
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56. Model Making, by Megan Werner
Series: Architecture Briefs
ISBN 9781568988702, paperback binding, $24.95

The ancient craft of architectural model making may seem unnecessary in today's age of digital renderings and virtual tours, but physical models remain a uniquely ...
57. Modern North: Architecture on the Frozen Edge, by Julie Decker, Juhani Pallasma, and Edwin Crittenden
ISBN 9781568988993, hardcover binding, $45.00

The geographic region around the North Pole is a raw and exotic area of untouched nature and inescapable beauty. Unique among the Earth's ecosystems, it ...
58. More Mobile: Portable Architecture for Today, by Jennifer Siegal
ISBN 9781568987583, paperback binding, $24.95

The allure of mobile, portable architecture is worldwide and centuries old. From the desert tents of the Bedouin to the silvery capsules of the Airstream ...
59. Narrow Houses: New Directions in Efficient Design, by Avi Friedman
ISBN 9781568988733, hardcover binding, $45.00

Since the beginning of the housing boom of the 1950s, the size of the average North American house has steadily grown while the size of ...
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60. Next Wave: New Australian Architecture, by Davina Jackson
ISBN 9781568987354, hardcover binding, $50.00

Australia's climate, geographic isolation, abundance of land, and breathtakingly beautiful landscape make an ideal setting for some of the world's arresting architecture. Ever since Glenn ...
61. No Nails, No Lumber: The Bubble Houses of Wallace Neff, by Jeffrey Head
ISBN 9781616890247, hardcover binding, $24.95

Imagine a house constructed in less than forty-eight hours, without using lumber or nails, that is more resistant to fire, earthquakes, and hurricanes than any ...
62. Old Buildings, New Designs: Architectural Transformations, by Charles Bloszies
Series: Architecture Briefs
ISBN 9781616890353, paperback binding, $24.95

Increasingly, architects are hired to design new work for existing structures. Whether for reasons of preservation, sustainability, or cost-effectiveness, the movement to reuse buildings presents ...
63. Pamela Burton Landscapes, by Pamela Burton
ISBN 9781568989655, hardcover binding, $50.00

Pamela Burton begins every garden or landscape project, no matter the size, with a big idea. The idea, according to Burton, "must be simple, harmonious, ...
64. Pamphlet Architecture 32: Resilience, by James A. Craig, Matt Ozga-Lawn
Series: Pamphlet Architecture
ISBN 9781616890315, paperback binding, $17.95

The competition for Pamphlet Architecture 32 centered on the theme of resilience. By addressing the capacity to cope, the ability to bounce back, and the ...
65. Philosophy for Architects, by Branko Mitrovic
Series: Architecture Briefs
ISBN 9781568989945, paperback binding, $24.95

Philosophy for Architects is an engaging and easy-to-grasp introduction to philosophical questions of interest to students of architectural theory. Topics include Aristotle's theories of "visual ...
66. Photographing Architecture and Interiors: Updated and Expanded, by Julius Shulman
ISBN 9781890449070, hardcover binding, $39.95 (A Balcony Press book)

Julius Shulman's long career photographing great architectural works with depth, passion, drama, and an instinct for the architect's intentions has ensured his present status as ...
67. Post-Ductility: Metals in Architecture and Engineering, by Michael Bell, Craig Buckley
Series: Columbia Books on Architecture, Engineering, and Materials
ISBN 9781616890469, hardcover binding, $65.00

Metals, as surface or structure, play a role in nearly every strain of modern architecture. Non-architectural metals in the form of automobiles and hard goods ...
68. Quonset Hut: Metal Living for a Modern Age, by Chris Chiei, Julie Decker
ISBN 9781568985190, hardcover binding, $24.95

When World War II came along, the American military found itself in need of a prefabricated, lightweight shelter that could be easily shipped and quickly ...
69. Revolution of Forms, updated edition: Cuba's Forgotten Art Schools, by John Loomis
ISBN 9781568989884, paperback binding, $29.95

Prior to the publication of Revolution of Forms in 1999, few were aware that the most outstanding architectural achievement of the Cuban Revolution, the Escuelas ...
70. Revolving Architecture: A History of Buildings that Rotate, Swivel, and Pivot, by Chad Randl
ISBN 9781568986814, hardcover binding, $35.00

Alternately lauded as the future of architecture or dismissed as pure folly, revolving buildings are a fascinating missing chapter in architectural history with surprising relevance ...
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71. Sacred Spaces: Historic Houses of Worship in the City of Angels , by Robert Berger
ISBN 9781890449216, hardcover binding, $59.95 (A Balcony Press book)

Over 100 vivid color images by architectural photographer Robert Berger record the spectacular, sumptuous, and often inspirational interiors of forty of Los Angeles' most historic ...
72. Small Scale: Creative Solutions for Better City Living, by Keith Moskow, Robert Linn
ISBN 9781568989754, paperback binding, $34.95

Think big, design small. This is the rallying cry of a new generation of architects and artists who aim to improve the lives of city-dwellers ...
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73. Solid States: Concrete in Transition, by Michael Bell, Craig Buckley
ISBN 9781568988955, hardcover binding, $65.00

By far the most pervasive and affordable building material in the world, concrete has undergone ever-more widespread dissemination, standardization, and technological innovation in the last ...
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74. Source Book of American Architecture: 500 Notable Buildings from the 10th Century to the Present, by G. E. Kidder Smith
ISBN 9781568980256, paperback binding, $34.95

The Architecture of the United States, GE Kidder Smith's 1981 three-volume masterwork, was hailed as the most comprehensive and insightful overview of the architectural heritage ...
Available for online reading at
This book has been replaced by a new edition
75. Source Book of American Architecture: 500 Notable Buildings from the 10th Century to the Present, by G. E. Kidder Smith
ISBN 9781568982540, paperback binding, $29.95

This comprehensive and insightful illustrated survey of 500 of America's most distinguished buildings provides a unique overview of the thousand-year architectural development of the United ...
76. Southern Comfort: The Garden District of New Orleans, Revised and Updated Edition, by S. Frederick Starr
ISBN 9781568985466, paperback binding, $35.00

The Garden District epitomizes the beauty and mystery of New Orleans; the stately residences and gardens of this historic area are known worldwide for their ...
77. Steps to Water: The Ancient Stepwells of India, by Morna Livingston
ISBN 9781568983240, hardcover binding, $50.00

From the fifth to the nineteenth centuries, the people of western India built stone cisterns to collect the water of the monsoon rains and keep ...
78. Suburban Discipline, by Peter Lang, Tam Miller
Series: Front Books
ISBN 9781568981062, paperback binding, $14.95

Historically, suburbia has been defined in relation to the city. Today, however, the city is no longer the undisputed arbiter for civilization; suburbia has infiltrated ...
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79. Swiss Made: New Architecture from Switzerland, by Steven Spier, Martin Tschanz
ISBN 9781568984254, hardcover binding, $45.00

When it comes to architecture, Switzerland wields an international influence that belies its small geographic size. Such prominent figures as Herzog ...
80. Tadao Ando: Conversations with Students , by Tadao Ando, Matthew Hunter
Series: Conversations with Students
ISBN 9781616890704, paperback binding, $19.95

The newest volume in our popular Conversations series features Japanese architect Tadao Ando. One of the most celebrated living architects, Ando is best known for ...
81. Tall Building: Imagining the Skyscraper, by Scott Johnson
ISBN 9781890449476, hardcover binding, $34.95 (A Balcony Press book)

The skyscraper continues to inspire architects and visual artists of all types. More than a century of literature, art, film, and new media representations have ...
82. The Architect Says: Quotes, Quips, and Words of Wisdom, by Laura Dushkes
ISBN 9781616890933, hardcover binding, $14.95

If there's anything architects like doing more than designing buildings, it's talking about architecture. Whether musing about their inspirations (a blank sheet of paper, the ...
83. The Architectural Detail, by Edward R. Ford
ISBN 9781568989785, paperback binding, $40.00

The Architectural Detail is author Edward R. Ford's life's work, and this may be his most important book to date. Ford walks the reader through ...
84. The Architecture of Diplomacy: Building America's Embassies, Revised Second Edition, by Jane C. Loeffler
ISBN 9781568981383, paperback binding, $24.95

Please note that this edition is out-of-print and has been replaced by a revised and updated edition.
This acclaimed history of America's overseas ...
This book has been replaced by a new edition
85. The Architecture of Diplomacy: Building America's Embassies, Revised Second Edition, by Jane C. Loeffler
ISBN 9781568989846, paperback binding, $24.95

This acclaimed history of America's overseas embassy-building program is now available in paperback in a revised and expanded edition. Addressing the security concerns posed by ...
86. The Architecture of Modern Italy: The Challenge of Tradition, 1750-1900, Vol. 1, by Terry Kirk
ISBN 9781568984209, hardcover binding, $35.00

This groundbreaking and authoritative two-volume survey is the first truly comprehensive history of modern Italian architecture and urbanism to appear in any language. Told in ...
Available for online reading at
87. The Architecture of Modern Italy: Vision of Utopia, 1900-present, Vol. 2, by Terry Kirk
ISBN 9781568984360, hardcover binding, $35.00

This groundbreaking and authoritative two-volume survey is the first truly comprehensive history of modern Italian architecture and urbanism to appear in any language. Told in ...
88. The Baltimore Rowhouse , by Mary Ellen Hayward, Charles Belfoure
ISBN 9781568982830, paperback binding, $24.95

Perhaps no other American city is so defined by an indigenous architectural style as Baltimore is by the rowhouse, whose brick facades march up and ...
Available for online reading at
89. The Business of Design: Balancing Creativity and Profitability, by Keith Granet
ISBN 9781616890186, hardcover binding, $40.00

The Business of Design debunks the myth that business sense and creative talent are mutually exclusive and, unlike other lackluster business books, is written and ...
Available for online reading at
90. The Cape Cod Cottage, by William Morgan
ISBN 9781568985756, paperback binding, $24.95

The Cape Cod cottage has been one of America's most popular home styles for almost four hundred years. While a perennial domestic favorite, historians have ...
91. The Gamble House Cookbook: One Hundred Years of Gracious Living, by Meg McComb
ISBN 9781890449483, paperback binding, $30.00 (A Balcony Press book)

The Gamble House is a winter house designed in 1908 by architects Greene ...
92. The Green House: New Directions in Sustainable Architecture, by Alanna Stang, Christopher Hawthorne
ISBN 9781568989501, paperback binding, $24.95

From the arid deserts of Tucson, Arizona to the icy forests of Poori, Finland to the tropical beaches of New South Wales, Australia to the ...
93. The Green House: New Directions in Sustainable Architecture, by Alanna Stang, Christopher Hawthorne
ISBN 9781568984810, hardcover binding, $45.00

From the arid deserts of Tucson, Arizona to the icy forests of Poori, Finland to the tropical beaches of New South Wales, Australia to the ...
94. The Library Book: Design Collaborations in the Public Schools, by Anooradha Iyer Siddiqi
ISBN 9781568988320, paperback binding, $30.00

It's often said a child's lifelong love of reading begins at home. But declining literacy rates among the nation's public elementary school students suggests this ...
Available for online reading at
95. The New Modern House, by Will Jones
ISBN 9781568985244, paperback binding, $40.00

Every architect dreams of a perfect client, and every client dreams of a perfect architect. Alas, these relationships don't always work out to everyone's expectations. ...
96. The Pragmatist Imagination: Thinking About Things in the Making , by Joan Ockman
ISBN 9781568982878, paperback binding, $19.95

What would it mean today to think or to imagine, to design or to construct, in relation not to "things made" but to "things in ...
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97. The Presence of Mies, by Detlef Mertins
ISBN 9781568980133, paperback binding, $19.95

The Presence of Mies is an interdisciplinary collection of essays that reconsiders the work of Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, putting forth new ways of ...
Available for online reading at
98. The Sea Ranch, by Donlyn Lyndon, Jim Alinder
ISBN 9781568983868, hardcover binding, $65.00

A hundred miles north of San Francisco on California Coast Highway 1, the Sonoma County coast meets the Pacific Ocean in a magnificent display of ...
This book has been replaced by a new edition
99. The Tennessee Valley Authority: Design and Persuasion, by Tim Culvahouse
ISBN 9781568986845, hardcover binding, $40.00

In the wake of the Great Depression, one of Franklin Roosevelt's most successful New Deal programs was the formation of the Tennessee Valley Authority, a ...
100. The University of Texas at Austin, by Lawrence W. Speck, Richard L. Cleary
Series: Campus Guides
ISBN 9781568988542, paperback binding, $29.95

The newest title in Princeton Architectural Press's Campus Guide series takes readers on an architectural tour of the University of Texas at Austin's history from ...
101. Thermally Active Surfaces in Architecture, by Kiel Moe
ISBN 9781568988801, hardcover binding, $55.00

Departing from the simple question Why do we heat and cool buildings with air?, this book focuses on the technique of thermally active surfaces. This ...
102. Tilting: House Launching, Slide Hauling, Potato Trenching, and other Tales from a Newfoundland Fishing Village, by Robert Mellin
ISBN 9781568988078, paperback binding, $24.95

There is an almost elemental appeal in the rural fishing villages of Nova Scotia, Maine, and Newfoundland. Their intimate connection to nature, to the land, ...
Available for online reading at
103. To Each His Home: Inspired Interiors as Unique as their Owners, by Bilyana Dimitrova
ISBN 9781568987965, hardcover binding, $45.00

Most of us would agree that, for better or worse, our houses speak for us. They are like a second face we present to the ...
104. Toyo Ito: Forces of Nature, by Jessie Turnbull
Series: Kassler Lecture Series
ISBN 9781616891015, paperback binding, $21.95

The work of Japanese architect Toyo Ito explores the dynamic relationship between buildings and their environments. His principal focus is on developing an architecture free ...
105. University of Virginia Campus Guide, second edition, by Richard Guy Wilson, Sara A. Butler, and David J. Neuman
Series: Campus Guides
ISBN 9781616890605, paperback binding, $29.95

President Thomas Jefferson felt that the founding and design of the University of Virginia in 1819 was his most lasting achievement. Now spanning 1,065 acres ...
106. Unnatural Horizons: Paradox and Contradiction in Landscape Architecture, by Allen Weiss
ISBN 9781568981390, paperback binding, $14.95

Unnatural Horizons presents a selective history of the last five centuries of landscape architecture at the intersection of poetics and science, rhetoric and technology, and ...
Available for online reading at
107. Urban Composition: Designing Community through Urban Design, by Mark Childs
Series: Architecture Briefs
ISBN 9781616890520, paperback binding, $24.95

Cities and towns are among humanity's greatest achievements, yet no single individual or organization creates them. The buildings, streets, and gardens of even a small ...
108. Usonia, New York: Building a Community with Frank Lloyd Wright, by Roland Reisley, John Timpane
ISBN 9781568982458, hardcover binding, $40.00

Usonia, New York is the story of a group of idealistic men and women who, following WWII, enlisted Frank Lloyd Wright to design and help ...
109. Wandering the Garden of Technology and Passion: John Marx Architect, by Pierluigi Serraino, Chris I. Yessios
ISBN 9781890449568, hardcover binding, $45.00 (A Balcony Press book)

John Marx is of the generation of design architects who witnessed their pencils morph into mouses and their drafting tables into computer desktops. Throughout this ...
110. Weekend Utopia: Modern Living in the Hamptons, by Alastair Gordon
ISBN 9781568982724, hardcover binding, $45.00

The Hamptons, New York's fashionable summer beach resorts, are well known as weekend havens for city-dwellers who relish their idyllic setting on the Atlantic shore. ...
111. Workbook: The Official Catalog for Workshopping: An American Model for Architectural Practice, by Emily Abruzzo
ISBN 9781616890179, paperback binding, $20.00

The work shown at the U.S. Pavilion at the 2010 Venice Biennale is vital and proactive, suggesting solutions, describing the possibilities of new techniques or ...
112. Yale University Campus Guide, second edition, by Patrick L. Pinnell
Series: Campus Guides
ISBN 9781616890643, paperback binding, $29.95

Yale University has one of America's most revered campuses, featuring more than three centuries of historic architecture, including works by notable modern masters such as ...
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