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There are 5 books in the series New City Books (Syracuse):

1. American City X: Syracuse After the Master Plan, by Mark Robbins
Series: New City Books (Syracuse)
ISBN 9781616891060, hardcover binding, $29.95

In American City X, editor Mark Robbins, former dean of Syracuse University's School of Architecture, argues that innovative and compelling architecture can not only enhance ...
2. Formerly Urban: Projecting Rust Belt Futures, by Julia Czerniak
Series: New City Books (Syracuse)
ISBN 9781616890896, hardcover binding, $29.95

Formerly Urban is a collection of essays grounded in the belief that design, in all its manifestations, must play a central role in the revitalization ...
3. From the Ground Up: Innovative Green Homes, by Peggy Tully
Series: New City Books (Syracuse)
ISBN 9781616890926, hardcover binding, $29.95

It is said that the history of modern architecture can be observed through the evolution of the single-family home. Over generations, each has hoped to ...
4. Modern American Housing: High-Rise, Reuse, Infill, by Peggy Tully
Series: New City Books (Syracuse)
ISBN 9781616891091, hardcover binding, $29.95

Modern American Housing brings together the most enlightened thinkers from the worlds of architecture, social practice, and real estate development to present the latest developments ...
5. New Public Works: Architecture, Planning, and Politics, by Mark Robbins
Series: New City Books (Syracuse)
ISBN 9781616891152, binding, $29.95

Between 1999 and 2002 the National Endowment for the Arts's New Public Works program sponsored design competitions in cities across the United States. The forward-thinking ...
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